Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Resolve To...

Man asked me the other day what our resolutions were going to be this year.  I gave him a blank stare.  We have never discussed any such thing.  There was my to-do list from last year, which was pretty dramatic.  I was still on my high from surviving that one.  So, I didn't answer right away.  I would be treating this like a test, not a pop-quiz.  So, I thought about it for 24 hours and here is what I came up with.  I gave my final answer to Man today.  I think I passed.
While I am sure there are many things I should have on my list for the year, I am only placing one item on my list.  My children.
When I honestly reflected on my life and what I wanted to accomplish, participate more in, be more a part of, do better at, etc... it all came down to one thing.  My girls.  I have a Type A personality and want to have my hands in lots of things and be great at them all.  I often over-schedule myself and them.  I am best known for saying, "Yes," when I should say, "No," and then regretting every moment of the yes.  I am guilty of trying too hard to be with my kids instead of just being with them.  I am always focused on what is not done instead of what I am doing.  I tend to only see the mess and not the fun.  I never turn off the to-do list that is spiraling in my head when  I am hugging them, bathing them, reading to them, listening to them, kissing them, and loving them.

So, I resolve to BE with my girls.  I will spend the next 365 days enjoying as many moments as I can.  I resolve to say, "No," more, be in the moment, focus on what I am doing and worry about the undone later, turn off that stinking to-do list, hug harder, splash in the bath with them, read out loud...often, hear them, kiss them 'til they can't stand it, and love them like they have never known.

Then I decided I wanted to make myself accountable.  Here is how.  I am going to participate in Project 365.  This means that I commit to take a snapshot of our lives everyday.  Not a perfect picture.  Just a photo.  A real one.  And share it with you.  I can't promise to share each day but I will keep them rolling along so you can see and I can feel accountable.  I am hoping this will keep my focus where I want it to be.  There may be fewer blogs, or more blogs, the house might be messy, it might not, the car might be trashed more often then not, BUT none of that will matter because we will be living and loving life one moment at a time.

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  1. Love this post! And the look of the blog!!! Great work my friend!


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