Friday, January 11, 2013

Today I Slammed the Door

 Today I slammed the door.  

On laundry.  On cleaning.  On cooking dinner.  

I took my babies to the beach.  

 Why not?  It was 75 degrees and we could.  I am living life to the fullest...remember?

 It is amazing the transformation that comes when I slow down and pay attention and enjoy what I have been given.

There are moments of laughter when Allye finds the snack bag.  As Allye always does.

There was a genuine smile on my face to see my Addison walk much farther then I had instructed her to.  Why?  Because then I could run to her and we could enjoy a walk together.

The old me.  The fast paced, I'm fitting this in me.  That one would have turned to frustration and anger quickly.  Not anymore.  I am soaking it up.  I got to walk with my little girl, kicking sand high in the air, collecting seashells, and holding hands.  

Daddy came too.  He always brings the fun!

It's a good life.  I am going to LIVE it.  Are you?

---The Mama


  1. One word...Beautiful! I think I need to slam the door more often!

    1. Sarah,

      I am a work in progress on this but it is so wonderful. I am very Type A so it is work. Thank you for the encouragement and good luck!



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