Monday, September 10, 2012

The Daddy Diary Volume 2 - Day 7

Hey Dad, Mom here...

Do you hear my legs and feet thanking me right now?  You have too!  They were about to fall off and started begging me to sit down.  Honey, it is days like today that I try not to think about that nice cozy blow up mattress you get to come home and plop down on every a.f.t.e.r.n.o.o.n.  No.  I am not jealous.  My heart is just currently off-center about this.  Just you wait and see why.

So, I had to get two things done today.  Go to the grocery store and buy pounds and pounds of sugars and flour and butter, and start Addison's Dora cake.  I know I have said it before but I swear we are not doing Dora again!  This year I am being quite ambitious.

 Mine will look nothing like this of course, but I can guarantee that same Dora will be sitting on top of some kind of cake that hopefully looks like a dress.  Anyway, I thought I would get ahead of the game and bake the cakes today.  Yes, people...I said cakes.  I thought I had it all figured out and so I decided to let Addison help.

Then she informed that she wanted to do it all by herself.  Of course.  Well, since my patience cup was full I decided to let her.

 She actually did a great job and we got the first batch of cakes done.  Notice I said first batch.

That is right.  I quickly realized that it was going to take double the cake to make this dress....after I had washed everything up from our baking extravaganza...with an 11 month old hanging off my legs.  I am not bitter.

We had to run to school to get Olivia who, of course, wanted to "help."  I agree and then quickly realized why.

Yep, that is MY girl!  She made a bigger mess then Addison...that I cleaned up...yep, with an 11 month old hanging on my legs.  I actually got to thinking...maybe this will make my legs more muscular.  Maybe this is like a workout.  Maybe I am burning enough calories to justify licking the spoon, the bowl and having some crumbs.

It was all I could do to get that mess cleaned up before guess what?  They were hungry.  So, I planned a "cafeteria night" (choose your leftovers) and praise the Lord.  Maybe.  I don't think I thought it through completely.  Because...when we were done and Allye was screaming and tired and not feeling 100% I walked into a kitchen that looked like this...

After I plowed my way through that I started to clean the table only to find this...

Ah yes, that would be a Sharpie.  Very, very permanent.  Didn't even fade a little.  My patience cup was very close to empty at this point.  So I decided to get the big girls in the bath.

I turned my back for 0.4569 seconds to come back to this...

Yes, Allye strikes again.  You know what, I didn't even bother.  And do you know what else?  It is still like that right now.  'Cause guess what...I gave up.  Can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?  That is, until Addison started laughing (I was busy documenting the moment)...I turned to the tub in time to see Allye contribute to the toy selection...

 Yep.  Threw it right in.

I don't know what is wrong with your children today but I hope they sleep that right on out tonight.  In the meantime, I am propped right up in bed with screaming legs dreaming of Dora cake, made from scratch with rich buttercream icing that I fully intend to eat at least two spoonfuls of as I make it tomorrow.

Love ya,

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