Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Daddy Diary Volume 2 - Day 2

Hi Dad!  It's me, Allye!  Your favorite youngest daughter!

We have been busy today!  Mommy said something about going all over creation today.  Whatever that means.  I just know that after the whirlwind of the morning the car got reallllly quiet.  That was good and it felt relaxing, so I took a nap. Mommy didn't seem surprised, something about me trying to be the early bird to catch the worm this morning.  Doesn't she know I don't eat worms?  What are worms?  Wait, what are birds?  Oh never mind.  Guess what I do know Daddy?  I know that I can get a good long nap when we drive to the beach.  Yep...went right down there and got Addison's present from Meme.  Then guess what else?  I got some outside shoes!

I am not too sure about them yet, but they did match my outfit.  Mommy said that was a plus.

I happened upon a little, teensy, tiny bit of trouble today Daddy.  Mommy said something about pushing her buttons, but I don't see any buttons on her.  I think it had something to do with this.

I can't explain why I like the trash Daddy.  I just do.  I really can't explain that rubber band set up.  I mean, it really gave me a workout, but I got to thinking that is not why it was like that.

It does create a really nice barrier though!  A nice little hideout from the chaos of the day.  Too bad it didn't last long.  Mommy didn't seem to see the good of any of this.  That was really ok with me.

She was so busy trying to get that all day cooker thing going that she forgot to lock the pots and pans back.  When is she going to learn?  Can you believe she let me pull them all out?  Something about "wearing" her down.  How do you "wear" somebody Daddy?  I was just trying to mind my own business. Really.

In other news...

Addison had dance class today and Mommy let her dress up with her doll!  

The dance teacher loved it!  Then she started telling Addison that you can have lots of those dolls and Mommy seemed to get this really funny look on her face...kind of worried like.  Can I have some of those dolls Daddy?  I like the ones that the eyes move.  

Olivia had her first art class today and she loved it!  She is so excited to go back next week and the greatest news...her AWANA teacher teaches the art class!  Mommy seemed relieved about that.  I am guessing that would be the right word...relieved.  She said, "Thank you Lord!" as we left the school.  

Well, I must get some rest. Those rubber bands really gave me a workout today.  

Love you Daddy,

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