Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Daddy Diary Volume 2 - Day 3

Hey Dad, Mom here...

Have I ever mentioned to you how much I despise dislike Grandparent's Day at school?  I am sure I have.  Well it was one thing last year for it to be a breakfast and Olivia wouldn't really notice.  However, she came home last week and announced to me (which I already knew) that grandparents were coming for tea on "x" day and I needed to call Meme and have her come.  This would be one of the bigger fires in front of me considering the way she already feels about this school.  So, I calmly explained that Meme couldn't come and she was not really excepting that...I know you are surprised.  AND, I arranged for myself and the girls to go but that did not go over very well.  I know.  You are surprised again.

Fast forward to this morning...

As I stood before the mirror blow drying my hair I was having a h.u.g.e pity party for myself.  I felt so helpless and frustrated.  Frankly, I was mad at the school for putting kids in the situation to feel so obviously left out.  The party went on for several minutes, I am sorry you missed it.  Then, out of nowhere I had a brilliant idea.  Not my own exactly.  You see, remember me showing you on Facebook my friend who made her "man" into a "flat" version while he was away and took him places.  Yes!  That was the answer!  So, I hurried her to school.  I took in 3 kids and 1 cooler loaded with 20 juice boxes and 5 pounds of ice then hurried home.  That's when you called and I was busy.  Sorry.  But this was important.

I whipped up my Meme creation and we were headed back to school for Grandparent's Day!

So there we stood in the hallway to her room.  I was quite nervous.  (And yes, I was the only parent in the bunch.)  This was going to be a hit or totally bomb.  Addison tightly clasped our surprise and when the teacher opened the door Addison ran in the room and straight to Olivia waving Meme in the air and screaming, "Meme is here, Meme is here!"  I could not have planned it better.

She loved it!  She thought it was the coolest thing ever.  So did her friends!  They were all quite amazed and her teacher got the giggles over it!

Then we got to business and had cookies with Meme...

and visited with her and showed her around the room.

I would say it was a success!  I would also say I felt so much better about the whole thing but so awful for the kids who had nobody.  But really it was ok.  Allye was there.  As the teacher put it,  "We brought the entertainment!"  

I am "chalking one up" for myself on this, with all the credit to my friend who planted the seed for me, because Olivia thought it was so cool she wanted to keep Meme at school.  So, Meme now lives at school, in a desk, and is going places with school.  This will be interesting.

Love ya,

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