Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Daddy Diary Volume 2 - Day 1

Hey Dad, Mom here...

I am happy to report that we are all alive.  Yeah!  and healthy.  Yeah!  and in good spirits.  Yeah!  and alive.  Yeah!  and happy.  Yeah!

Yes, we had a great day!  It started off with a nice big sunshine and clear skies that very quickly turned stormy.  Like, I couldn't snap my fingers that fast.  Like I was inside at Bible Study and the bottom.fell.out.  Like I actually took the stroller system in and was going to have to take it out in-the-rain!  Yep.  Never let up.  Addison loved it!  Allye took it like a woman.  I screamed like a baby!  We all got wet!

Let's just say that my hair did not start off the day with any kind of curl.  Can you believe we didn't melt?  I know?  Anyway, after picking up Olivia in the pouring rain we came home to make cookies.

What else were we supposed to do on a rainy, gloomy day?

 They looked so good we made stacks and stacks of them.  

 Is it wrong of me to post a picture of from scratch sugar cookies on here?  I am just reporting the news after all.

While we waited on some cookies we went to check out the rain and sing, "Rain, rain, go away!"  

 We even gave it a nice little wave goodbye.  Then Allye made her escape out the front door and the party was over...

which brings me to dinner.

I was trying to give myself the night off and feed the girls leftovers.  I mean, what kid won't eat a taco two nights in a row.  I was their hero!  Anyway, Allye started her normal hang on the leg because Mommy really needs to get something done right now routine.  

I called to Olivia, 
"Olivia, I am going to need your help for a few minutes playing with Allye so I can get dinner done sweetheart."

She replies,
 "Ok Mom!  I am coming."
Which she does.  

She calmly pries Allye from my legs and takes her to the playroom.  She returns just 30.47 seconds later and says, 
"Ok, Mom.  All taken care of."

To which I respond, 
"How is that if she is in there and you are right here?  I need you to play with her so she want come back in here." 

Olivia simply states in a simply sweet tone, 
"Ok Mom."
and goes back to the play room.

Just 5.13 seconds later I go back to the counter and look up to see this.

To which I say, 
"Olivia.  Why is Allye in the green bucket?  That doesn't look too safe to me."

And she says, 
"It's ok Mom, Addison is watching her."
(Please note that Addison has exactly zero eyes on my baby who is in a bucket.)

And I firmly respond,
"Olivia.  I asked you to play with her."

And she, with a sweet chirp in her voice, says,
"It's ok Mom, I've got an eye on her."
(And the other two on the Wii.  But who is counting?)

 To which I replied...nothing. 


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