Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Allye Update - 11 Months!

What a month it has been for our sweet Allye!  She has mastered walking and loves to run most times, as much as her hips will let her.

Her sneakers slowed her down at first, but it didn't take long for her to get "back in the saddle."  The scariest part is the fact that she loves to walk down our driveway.  It is on an incline and she scares me to death, but somehow she never falls.  

She is inquisitive more then ever now with bags and purses being her favorites.  It really doesn't matter whose bag, just ask the lady at the spray park...  There was no bench for me to crawl under.

Sometimes it is overwhelming.  For all of us.  So we must contain her.  Some methods are more creative then others.  

Although this is Allye's favorite method...

She is still eating up a storm and has progressed to eating everything from the table now.  Actually, eating might just be her favorite pastime. 

I told you, she eats everything...

At first, I fought the whole eating shoe thing with a vengeance.  But...with three girls, 6 feet, and no Daddy to pick up after us...she has had her fair share of gross.  No judging.  God made dirt people.

My favorite part of her growing up is her enjoyment of her surroundings.  It is such a joy to see how she interacts with her sisters and how her "growing up" experience is very different then Olivia's.  Sometimes I would use the word interesting, but most of the time I would say her experience is enriched.  Those big sisters offer something no adult can.

As we took her 11 month pictures I stared at this beautiful child that God gave us.  She is perfect in every way and has brought immeasurable joy to our family.  Her smile lights up my heart and I am holding on with both hands because I know how quickly these moments are slipping away.

Happy 11 Months!

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