Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Daddy Diary Volume 2 - Day 6

Hey Dad, Mom here...

So today has been quite interesting.  Random could be another word so let's see how I do.

The morning started off with a short drive to church...

Well, maybe in a much larger vehicle but this one is much more stylish!  Anyway, as we pull into the parking lot the girls begin a conversation about cars.  Olivia notices a know about her obsession with these, and says, "Mom, can our car hold 8 people?"  I say, "No, just 7."  Addison pipes in, "Like Popi's car Olivia.  And Mommy, I like riding in Meme's car better."  Me: "You do?"  Addison: "Yeah.  'Cause you know Mom, Girls Rule and Boys Drool."  Me: "Yep, I know."  About a minute passes and Olivia very seriously says, "Addison.  Popi does.not.drool."  Addison: "I know.  I still like Meme's car better."

I just want you to know that I really try hard every day to get you a picture of Allye.  She just loves the camera too much.  So, I only get close-ups because she is way faster then the button on my camera.

Unless she is tied down.

Like she is when we go on walks.  And speaking of walks.  You will never believe what happened here tonight.  Heck, I still can't believe it.

Here goes.

We go on this wonderful walk where the big girls run and walk and I push Allye.  We get back tonight and Olivia runs to get the soccer ball while I "untie" Allye.  We get busy passing the soccer ball and keeping Allye out of the gutter and I notice Addison did not come back from the garage.  So, I yell, "Addison!"  I hear this faint, "I'm in here!"  To which I turn around and notice she was at the house.

She hops up on the porch and has the weirdest grin on her face as I am running to her.  I say, "What are you doing?"  Olivia hollers, "She went potty."  I mean she said it like they do this all the time.  I did not believe her.  So, I look at Addison and say, "What were you doing?"  She very simply states, "Going potty."  

Ok, I am not sure at all how she did this but I do know that she has not mastered the squat and pee technique that all females must learn at some point in their lives because her monkey bar shorts were w.e.t!  I couldn't decide if I should laugh or not.  I sent her inside.  She cried. I was not laughing.

I just want to say that I can take no credit for this.  I got to thinking that maybe this came from your classes with know, Hunting 101.  Then I thought a little more and it totally came to me.  

You know little cowboy, right?  Let me refresh your memory...

wait...this is more like it...

yep...that is him.

Well, just before we moved we were over visiting him and we were headed out to the car and Cowgirl and I were busy talking and I turned around and saw this.

Yep.  That is our culprit!  
I remember that day so clearly.  I remember thinking...I will need this proof one day.  See, I was right.  And that is why you never leave home without your camera.

Love ya,

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