Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Happy Heart Day

This Valentine's Day has been quite wonderful.  

Thank you girls and Man.

For years I have spent more time sewing and crafting for children of my friends and family only to realize I didn't leave enough room to make something for my own girls.  With a renewed focus on being with my girls I thought I should reevaluate my sewing priorities.  So, out of the blue Addison and I went shopping in January and picked out all of the materials we would need for some festive Valentine attire...for 3!  We got a little ambitious and added in material for pajamas too.  Hey, go big or go home.  Right?  Because I got more then a little backlogged at Christmas (that is still being completed...thankfully parents are understanding) I got a late start but we did it!  Three dresses, three pair of pajama pants, and three coordinating shirts!  EEEEEEK!  I could hardly stand myself when I dressed them yesterday!  (Our big day was yesterday due to school functions!) 

No more they are.

Then I had this great idea to get the girls running towards me.  At the same time the neighbors dog started barking.

Back to safety but still unsure.  I love this moment.

Allye had to excuse herself, but I kept snapping.
We dropped Addison off to school and had some time to "kill" before we went back and celebrated with her class.  We strolled around our downtown after a breakfast out and took some pictures along the way.

Today was far more laid back, in festive colors and comfy clothes.  Today the focus was time together.  We walked our Valentine cards around the circle and popped them in our friend's boxes, did a quick finish on school, and got down to the business of cake.  Yes, we made our first red velvet cake today.  I will share it with you, I promise.  The recipe.  Not the cake.  Man is hovering.  

 We hope your heart is full tonight!

The Mama

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