Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Conversations With My Girls

Yesterday at 6:38 a.m. Addison quietly walked into my room and stood beside my bed.  I could feel her watching my every move.  So I finally rolled over, since the pretending to be asleep thing wasn't working, and told her she could climb in.  She did.  Then I told her we would be laying there very quietly for a few more minutes.  So we did.  Face to face, inches apart.  After about 32 seconds I heard some very loud breathing.  I let her go on, trying to ignore her.  Finally, with the most calm, exasperated tone I could muster, I said, "Addison what are you doing?"  She paused and then said, "Uh.  Breathing?"  The day officially began at that moment.


Olivia is starting to appreciate the value of money.  She has actually managed to save some of her money recently and has begun asking to be paid for chores.  I am on the fence because I was taught that I wasn't going to be paid for things I should be doing anyway.  However, three kids deep now, I think there might be some value in this and she is really awesome help.  I am still on the fence.  But, today I gave her $1 and told her how much I appreciate all of the help she has been this week and that Man and I are still discussing the allowance side of life.  So we get home and she calls me into her room.  I oblige.  She has all of her money laid out and counts it out to me.  $13.  I ask her, "What are you saving your money for?"  She says, "Do you remember that shirt we saw in that store that was $18?  That is what I am saving for."  First, I almost fell over dead because this is not my child who cares about clothes.  Then the teacher in me says, "Ok, how much more do you need then?"  She does the math and says, "$5."  Then, with a huge smile on her face, she says, "I know.  You can pay me $1 every day from now until Sunday and I would have enough! (LONG PAUSE)  Or, I could just lose a tooth."  How do I follow that?  


Riding in the car today the girls and I were discussing our trip to see Meme and Popi and Olivia asks, "Hey Mom.  Can we go to the beach while we are there?"  I don't even have time to answer and Addison says, "Well, you guys can go to the beach, but I am staying with Meme and Popi.  And don't forget to take Allye."  

 --The Mama 

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