Monday, February 25, 2013

A Field Trip for Five

If there is one thing I have learned about "field tripping" alone, with three girls in tow of course, it is that one momma and three kids can get out of hand very quickly.  So, when our homeschool friends posted a field trip to see the Nina and Pinta floating museums I definitely hesitated....because one momma and three babies near water scares my socks off.  Then I looked more closely at the time offerings and realized it would be open on President's Day.  And guess who wasn't working on President's Day?  Daddy!  So, we loaded up early that morning and drove over to Panama City.

This was such a great day for our family.  Man and I enjoyed watching the girls discover so many new things.  We first stopped at the water area above.  The Navy was doing practice rescue missions directly behind us in the shot above.  That was fascinating!

After a spin through the marina gift shop we were on our way to the ships.

The ships were beautiful and the craftsmanship was amazing.  Once on board there were details about the ships in print and crew members that could also answer questions.

We touched all of the ropes and tried to find ones we could wrap our hands completely around and ones we could not.  The girls loved doing that because there were sooooo many ropes.  

Our touring ended with a walk along the storing docks to check out some of the boathouses where people were living.  We found one complete with house plants and lounge furniture and another with the dogs sunbathing on the deck.  Another great first eyewitness for the girls.  Now they think they want to live on a boat.  Oh my.  We proceeded down to the water's edge where we began and Olivia asked how rain was made.  After explaining it to her she and Daddy walked on and Addison continued a conversation about the rain.  It went something like this.

Addison: "I know Mommy.  Then the rain goes into the ocean and fills it up."
Me: "That's right Addison."
Addison: "Then Mommy, the sand drops down into the ocean."
Me: "It does?"
Addison: "Yes Mommy."
Me: "Addison, what happens to the sand when it falls into the ocean?"
Addison: "Oh, it goes to the bottom."
Me: "Addison, why does it go to the bottom?"
Addison: "Oh Mommy!  To be with the seashells."

Another great day of fun-filled, family memories!

--The Mama

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