Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spring is in the Air

This week Olivia and Addison learned all about Groundhog Day.  Addison was in it for the art and nothing else.  That is Addison.  Olivia loves it all.  She is a sponge, but I have to walk a fine line with Olivia.  She is literal.  Very.  Maybe it is the age.  Maybe she has some of her mother in her.  I will never tell.  So all week we learned some great groundhog facts through fun stories and books. 

We started out with our own groundhog creations.

The girls loved these and it was exciting to see what their predictions were.  I tried my best to have them give an educated guess.  That was so not working.  They want a warm sunny spring.  Immediately.

To amp up the fun I spent yesterday playing some fun "games" with Olivia.  That is what you call "learning on the sly" in this house.

Olivia would like it noted that she did not make those horrific scribbles with black marker.  She must have a little sister.
Then the real fun began last night when I gave her the final assignment.

 I let her call several people to get their predictions and then we sent texts to the rest of our friends.  I wish you could have seen her holding that phone waiting for all of your responses.  She was so excited to see so many of you respond to help her.  Thank you!  

The moment came this morning and Daddy had it all set up to see the reveal!

She was beyond thrilled that her prediction was right!  She was, however, not thrilled that he didn't come out of the ground on his own, like he does in  Literal.  Like I mentioned before.  At least I didn't have to explain what Groundhogese was.  Or why we can't learn that on Rosetta Stone.  Or why only one person in the world speaks that language.  Yep.  I'll stick with, "Because he might have overslept."

Before we tucked in we had one final treat....

 I can already smell it!  Spring is in the air!  Thanks Phil!

---The Mama

**All of the wonderful art and educational items I pictured today came from Teachers Pay Teachers 
I was not compensated for this.  They don't know who I am.  But I am glad I know them now.

What an exciting new find!  There were so many other projects and writing assignments with this package that I look forward to doing with her next year.  If you ever want to create a little fun for a special holiday, without all of the work for yourself, I highly recommend this site.  What better way to support today's teachers and the work they put into creating something so special for their students?  This particular package was 41 pages full of educational fun...for $3.50.  I LOVE IT!

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