Monday, February 11, 2013

Red, White, and Pink!

Hello, hello!  We are getting in the spirit of Valentine's around here...finally.  I can say finally since I had Man bring down the box of decorations when he put the Christmas decor in the attic...the first week of January.  Details. 

The girls and I put on Charlie Brown's Valentine episode and instead of putting all the decor out and then tearing it down in four days...we used some tree "tinsel" I made a couple of years ago and decorated the fireplace.

Made with fishing string, foam hearts, pearl beads, and LOVE!
I love decorating for holidays but I have two little hands in my house that love to tear it up faster then I can put it back together...every 5 minutes.  So, I focused my efforts in crafting, "treats," and sewing.

Here is what we have been up to...and if you still don't have your Valentine cards done yet...there is hope!  These are easy!

because we love our teachers and I don't recognize our extracurricular teachers at big holidays, usually due to budget constraints.  So, I try to give at another time during the year.

This year we are giving them hand sanitizers that I first saw here.  I picked these up at the Dollar Store because I wanted clear sanitizer and a white cap.  This was not so easy to find when I was trying to pay more than $1.  Go figure.

The girls peeled off the front and back labels...fighting over who would do number 5.  How in the world I didn't remember to buy 6 so my world of "fair" would be peaceful I do not know.  

Nice and pretty.

I purchased two sheets of heart stickers and put the girls to work.

Next we traced their hands and I added the little "germ" saying and they signed their names.

We stuck them on the back and voila!  An inexpensive, thoughtful gift, that might keep me out of the doctor's office for two weeks straight.

This year I decided to spread out the Valentine card making so as not to lose all of my patience in one day.  Then I went one step further and decided to just print all of Addison's.  She forgave me.

Super cute and first seen at The Mother Huddle.

BUT, Addison did make the Valentine that meant the most...and there is only ONE of these.  

It is in the mail.  To her cowboy.  In Texas.  She wrote their names way too many times on the inside and put a heart sticker in there.  She didn't want me to look, but I did anyway.  Just like I will when she is 10 and 15...ok, forever.

Then there is Olivia.  Where do I begin?  I showed her my idea.  Another great send it through the printer idea, with a portion handmade.  NOPE.  She was making it from scratch.  So, this is what I originally found at vixen Made.

Here is what we did.  We took a heart shaped cookie cutter and traced it like a bazillion times.

Then I found letter stamps for $1 (score!) and she stamped out "You've Marked My Heart."  We did this for three of them.  She doesn't have a light touch with this technique yet and was frustrated so we switched and she hand wrote them all.  And, of course, we twisted and bent lots of pipe cleaners to have cutie bookmarks.

The food festivities began yesterday with strawberry filled, heart shaped pies, followed by chocolate dipped Oreos tonight!

You need your choice of Oreo flavor, Almond Bark or equivalent, and some sprinkles.

Following the directions on the Almond Bark package to melt the chocolate.  (2 squares yields about 15 dipped Oreos).  Gently dip the Oreo into the chocolate and very quickly apply the sprinkles.

Pop them in the fridge for a few to let them set slightly or eat them right away.
You won't be sorry.

I promise.

** To color Almond Bark you do not use food coloring.  It will harden the chocolate.  You must use color made for candy, often found at local arts and crafts stores.  Mine are all made by Wilton**

I am knee deep in three Valentine dresses, three pair of Valentine sleep pants, and three coordinating Valentine sleep shirts.  I might see you by Friday.  Until then I will leave you with the image I came "home" to tonight once the lights were out and I returned to my office/sewing room/crafting space/school room.  Compliments of my sweet Addison.  I turned the corner and this was sitting in the doorway.  I love her.

The Mama

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