Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crock Pot Mac-n-Cheese

I am embarrassed to say that I have been keeping this recipe to myself for so long.  It comes to you straight out of one of the best kitchens in North Carolina.  I was privileged to eat many meals out of it in my growing up years.  There is nothing remotely healthy about this dish, except that it definitely fulfills your dairy requirement for the day.  ;) 

Mama C's Crock Pot Mac-n-Cheese


1 (8 oz.) box elbow macaroni (or your choice)

2½ cups sharp grated cheese

2 eggs beaten

2 tsp. salt (or a little less)

1 tsp. pepper

½ stick butter

1½ cups milk

1 large can evaporated milk 


*  Cook and drain macaroni.

*Spray crock pot with cooking spray.

*  Put the macaroni in the crock pot and add the butter and 2 cups of cheese.  Stir.

*  Add 1½ cups regular milk, beaten eggs, salt, and pepper.  Stir.

*Sprinkle remainder of the cheese on a little more if you are feeling fiesty.  ;)

*Cook on LOW for three hours.

A couple of notes.

- Some crock pots cook faster.  Check it at 2½ hours.

- I make this with low fat cheese, butter, and milks and it turns out great.  

Happy Crocking!
The Mama


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