Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shake Your Booty

Ladies and Gentlemen...
Our little Addison has come into her own personality with full force!  While it has been rather difficult to forge her own way with Big Sis Olivia telling her what to do, she has arrived.  It is actually quite hilarious at times to see her shine through.  When you have them together she seems shy, but how could she not?  Olivia has "PERSONALITY" written on her forehead 24/7.  BUT...this summer Addison wanted to shine too.  Her favorite thing????  DANCING!  

She loves it.  She loves even more to sing "Shake, shake, shake your booooooty!" while doing the moves.  

Well, once Popi saw her doing this there was no end.  Neither one of them happen to care where they are when she starts "breaking it down".  Of course, he eggs her own.  It only takes a little word or two of the lyrics and she is "bustin' her move"... and singing.

Where were we????  In the middle of the amusement park walking to get in line at a ride.  Out of no where...I could hardly get the camera on fast enough.  It really is like Flash Mob with her, but I was so excited to see her "expression" shine through! 

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