Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Crafty Idea

Ok, so I have been so excited about getting Olivia ready for Kindergarten.  A little more then a week ago I planned to take her on a school supply shopping trip, just the two of us.  As much as she enjoyed picking out her backpack and lunchbox, I thought this would be a hit.  The one thing I forgot, I was dealing with Olivia.  When she realized that I set up Man and Addison to make cake for our cake bites, she did not want to go.  What?  Just when I thought I had this motherhood thing figured out...  So, off I went to Target alone.  But I must say, it was fun and my wallet I was actually glad she didn't go.  Once I saw all of the things that she would have picked out that were at least two and three times what I wanted to spend, I knew there was a God.  He was watching over me.  But...then I realized I really wanted her to have "cute" stuff and that is when I formulated my plan.

An art project is something Miss Priss just can't resist, so (after not letting her see any of her school items) I decided today to let her decorate her notebooks.  This was quick, fun and FREE!  Don't we love FREE?  Here is how we did it.

1.) Start with some extra scrap paper you have on hand.  Let the 5 year old decide...try to keep your opinion to yourself...This might just be the hardest part of the project.  :)

2.) Lay your scrap paper over the notebook and mark the spots for three holes that already exist with the notebook.  Then, punch the three holes with a hole puncher.

3.) Next, spray the back of the paper with spray adhesive glue.  This comes in an aerosol can.  Pick it up at any craft store.  **It is messy and sticks to everything.  I hold mine outside when I spray.**

Line the holes up and press from left to right.  You will now have "extra" paper over the edges.  We need to trim this off.

4.) This part is best with a good straight edge and an exacto knife like we show you here.

5.) Taadaa!  

6.)  And just when you think you are done, you are reminded that you are working with a 5 year old when she wants to "decorate" the decoration.  So, a few steps later....we had REALLY decorated notebooks.

We grabbed some sticker letters and some of her favorite things right now. 

And this is what we got...for FREE!

Most importantly, we had fun together and Miss Priss is back to being excited!

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