Monday, August 1, 2011

I Spy

So we were riding down the interstate on the last leg of our journey home.  We had played every game, watched all of the movies once twice, and I was the one now counting down the minutes until we were home.  Then, out of nowhere, Olivia had a brainstorm.  She says, "Hey, let's play I spy."  I look around, all I see is brown, a little green, and well, we were in Texas, so that is all I saw.  I think to myself, "This won't last long."  So, I say, "Ok."  
So Olivia has her turn, then I take my turn, Nate even gets in on the "action".  Then Addison pipes in, "I want a turn too!"  She starts laughing and says, "I spy Daddy's undopantz".  I say, "Huh?"  Olivia says, "Addison!" and then laughs a little.  Trust me when I tell you that it was not clear the first two or three times she said, except to Olivia.  Nate finally figures it out and tells me what she is saying.  By now, she and Olivia are laughing.  Olivia is a little more reserved in her laugh once she knows that I know what she said.  But not Addison, she would have been rolling on the floor at her on joke, was she not strapped in. 
So then I hear this loud "stage whisper" from Olivia, "Addison, I told you not to say that to Daddy.  We will get in trouble."  I say, "Addison where did you learn that?"  She delighted yells, "Popi!"  I say, "I see."  Nate has lost his voice...but not his eyes.  He gives me that look that goes with his famous saying..."It will take us two to three months to straighten them out when they get back."  Well, I just looked away, because it was kinda funny...

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