Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What a major milestone we have experienced this week!  Our sweet Olivia has anxiously anticipated this new chapter in her life for years now.  We had a very special visitor, Meme, come to town for this big occasion.  I think she has been just as, or more, excited then Olivia about this special event in her life.  She told me at least 9 months ago she planned to make this trip and be there on this momentous day with her.  I was a little surprised, but not really.  I remembered that this was the same woman who threatened to quit her job and go with me to class...when I was in college.  So, she arrived very late Thursday night and the festivities began bright and early Friday morning.

After a lot of playing...for three solid days, Sunday night was upon us.  I planned a special "do it yourself" dinner, that is sure to be a tradition!  It started with everyone making their own pizzas.  First, we decorated them with whatever we wanted!
 They were...
 a HIT!!!
 Then we followed up with decorate your own brownie bites.  They were definitely excited about getting 2 bites each!

I can't say there were too many nerves, mostly excitement...or maybe it was the brownies?  Olivia was still awake doing somersaults at 10:00 that night...two hours after we put her in the bed.  She likes to learn the hard way.... 
We started off to school....after a few pictures...of course!  The best part was that there was FULL cooperation on this particular morning.  I will not hold my breath for any future photo ops...

And then we arrived!
 That smile says everything about how she was feeling!
We had to take a few more pictures...there was a little less cooperation...

until it was Meme's turn...please note the difference in the smiles before and then with Meme...
I took as many as she would let me because I was not ready for this.  I thought I was, but the closer we got to the front door the more my mind started playing back on me.  It.was.awful.  We entered the school and I was there, but this is the image that came to my mind.
Yes, this exact image. 
I had to dig deep but I wanted you to see it how I did.  

And then all I could think was "Where has the time gone?"
   What happened?  There is no turning back.  I couldn't open my mouth because I knew I would have that awful voice that tells the world I was about to lose it.  We arrived to her room and she bound in there like it was day 100 not day 1.  I held back for a minute, what was I supposed to do?  After a minute, and realizing she might need my help, I went in the room.  She was getting her backpack ready for her cubbie.  When I realized that she had one of the taller cubbies, I reached down for her lunchbox to help her and she very sweetly looked up at me and said, "It's ok Mom, I can do it."  Well, that was it...the tears started flowing, I looked up, there stood Man holding Addison, and watching us.  As soon as he saw my face, he walked back into the hallway.  I hugged her and told her I loved her, in that awful voice, and walked out of her room.  Meme was trying not to cry, but it didn't work great for her either.  So, we all just stood there and watched from the door.  And this is what we saw...
Pure joy!

And then Meme says. "Where has the time gone?"  And.I.just.cried.  And Man couldn't stand to look either one of us in the face.  We turned, walked out, and it was

Next we were off to take Addison to her first day.  Not nearly as traumatic...a lot more fun for both of us.  Addison was excited too! 

No crying...just happy!
Then of course, the moment that we waited for all day.  Pick-up time for Olivia.  We rolled through the pick-up line and she came running when they called her name.  What was the verdict?  She had a blast!  The highlights were the fun stuff so Meme asked her, "What did you learn today?"  Her reply, "Nothing."  Then she explains that they showed them around their pod and the school.  We had to drop Meme at the airport and get back home so I could fill out the mounds of paperwork they had promised would arrive on the first day.


I pick Olivia up.  Taking a cue from my mom, after hearing about the "fun" stuff, I ask her, "Well, what did you learn today?"  After a very short pause..."That they don't teach me anything about Jesus and God, and I want to know why?"  I promise I tried to suppress the giggles, but the tone of her voice was so matter-of-fact and well, I can't do it justice.  So, I think.  How do I explain this?  Then I say, "Well honey, some kids and their families don't believe in Jesus...."  she interrupts, "WHAT??!!!!!!"  Yes, a somewhat sheltered life...but I couldn't think of a better shelter for her first 5 years.  

Then, she remembers that the teacher read about Jack and Annie.  If you don't know them and you have a 5 year old, you should.  The books are about a Magic Treehouse and she loves them.  She tells me that the teacher was reading book #1, the same one she gave Bryce (her little cowboy friend) when he was sick in the hospital.  I replied with understanding.  Then I said, "Well, aren't you glad it wasn't one we have read yet?"  She says, "Yes Mom, because you know I would have been BORED if we had already read that one."  I just chuckled...and drove...because that is soooo Olivia.

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