Monday, May 23, 2011

Olivia's First Hunt

Since Olivia was born just 5 and a half short years ago, Man has been planning their first hunt.  I am like, "You are taking MY baby hunting?"  He, has in fact, confirmed this to me many times over during these past years.  It all started when the two of them would take off into the woods together to look at tracks, put the corn out, and check the camera.  Yeah, a camera.  Isn't that cheating?  I don't know but it was so fun for her and the pictures were really cool too!  He would explain everything to her, to the point that one of the first animals she recognized and called by name was "deer".  It was sweet...but she was a girl.  I needed this warming up period for sure!

Olivia learning about a "blind" and the right way to "call".  Age - 2 and a half

We moved to Texas after she turned three and just months after Addison was born.  Now that she was nature girl she came to her daddy wanting to know what the little pellets all over our new yard were.  I jump in, of course, to tell her to put it down it is some kind of animal food.  Hunter Man tells her that she does need to put it down, but it is the droppings of rabbits.  Well, you should have seen the gleam in his eyes.  Let's just say he had been hunting deprived for quite some time and as he put it, these rabbits were a nuisance.  *WARNING* Scroll fast past the next picture if blood makes you queezy!*
I really wish I had video of him doing this and then her running so excitedly to see it. I realized then my little girl might be slipping away.  Maybe we needed more dance classes?  Age - 3 and a half

The first big Texas hunt was planned...for turkeys.  I am like, "I thought we hunted deer?"  Oh how I did not understand how the hunting world works.  Apparently you are supposed to adapt to where you are and it is, apparently, a wonderful thing to get to hunt other animals, oh and did we mention it is like BIG bucks (no pun intended) to hunt deer in Texas.  Clearly they are not the road hazard that South Carolina deemed them to be.  So off to turkey hunt he went.  Opening day, of course, and he got one, of course.  See, I say of course, because if you don't know much about this world....killing anything costs money.  And let's just say I am yet to be convinced about the value of anything dead being on my walls.
She was excited until she saw how big it was!  Age - 4 and a half
You know what this meant?  Her first trip to the taxidermist.

Well, her turn to go out finally came.  Nate breaks it to me that it is time for her to go out on a real hunt to see how she will do.  First, I give my whole "spill" on patience and the mom stuff and then I agree.  He gives her the great news and they make a list of what they need to take.  Everything on her list is food related or entertainment.  Such a girl!  He goes along with her and packs her little bag and the morning came....EARLY!

Then there is the living proof why...

Or maybe Daddy wasn't quick enough???

Folks, I don't smile that big at 8 A.M.--I don'

They made it safely to their spot and she sat I hear.  Apparently is was quite chilly....

And the turkeys didn't show their faces on this morning...but Daddy and Olivia did and it looked like a great time was had!

I must say that for the hard time I like to give him about taking my girls hunting, I am so thankful that he is willing to involve them and loves to spend the quality time with them teaching them things I never could!

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  1. My Papa took my mom and her three sisters hunting all the time growing up. They loved it. I never had the desire to be up that early and definitely did not and still do not have the capability to be quiet or still long enough! LOL!!! I think it's cool Nate wants to take her!


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