Sunday, May 29, 2011

Guess Who Turned 30????

Well, let me just say that I wish I was announcing that this was me, BUT I have to pass this honor off to Nate.  Yes, my sweet husband reached a BIG milestone that I was not going to let pass without a little celebration.  Since the girls, especially Olivia, has gotten older we have thrown Nate "theme" birthdays.  The best part is how much the girls love this!  I am serious...Olivia is already asking about his birthday next year.  Well this year we added a little extra umph, out of necessity, of course...we went to a Rangers game!  Very MAN and lots of family fun!  So off we went, on the actual day - S.C.O.R.E (no pun intended)!  
 We had a blast!  We ate, and ate, and ate....I couldn't even face the scale the next morning.  Really, I pretended like we didn't own one...for two days (but who's counting?).  Because, you see, we had to have our party day too!  We spent Saturday decorating the kitchen table and making the cake.  Our theme this year was camping!
 The feast!  Ok, so you couldn't exactly cook all of this over a campfire...ok, maybe I couldn't...but you get the point.
So proud of the campfire cake!
And then there was the gift...a tent...of course.  He has been talking about this since the camping trip where I ordered up a camping trailer.  So, he got one.  For him and his girls...5 and under that is.  The best part was that we bought this gift about two weeks ago.  Addison promptly asked him at dinner that same night when we could set up his tent.  It was hilarious.  We laughed and laughed, BUT note to self...Addison is not allowed on the gift buying trips anymore.  I must say, it has to be the best gift I ever bought myself Nate.  I am happily sitting here in the A/C typing and watching Tori and Dean Storibook Weddings....and I don't.hear.a.peep.  Heaven! 
I highly recommend the tent as a gift!
I can't believe we have celebrated 10 birthdays together!  WOW!  Ok, does reflecting like that make me sound old?  Oh, nevermind...Happy 30th Babe!

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