Friday, May 13, 2011

A Day With Addison

Well, I decided after Addison endured two long days of appointments and errands that I would treat her to a full day of fun this week.  I planned it all out...right down to the very last detail.  The part that was not in my plan, however, was that she would appear at my bedside at 6:00 a.m. on our day of fun.

Of course I pretended to not hear her.  That did not work.  Two inches from my face she says, "Mommy, where is Daddy?"  I sleepily respond, "He is at work honey.  Go back to bed."  She proceeds to climb in my bed with me.  I roll over and pretend she is not there...until she says, "Mommy, mommy I want Lulu hair today."  I don't respond.  I don't.even.move.  She gets still.  Too still.  In complete silence she decides to practice her ABC's.  "A,B,C,D,E,F,G..."  I calmly say, "Addison, you are being rude, Mommy is trying to sleep.  If you can't be quiet then go to your room."  She says, "Ok Mommy."  There is silence.  No movement.  Could she be going off to sleep I wonder?... but I dare not look.  Moments later, "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way....woof, woof, woof (to the same tune)."  What can I do at this point but laugh?  Addison asks, "Mommy, can I have some juice?"  So, at 6:00 a..m. my day with Addison began.

We started off our day by dropping Olivia at pre-school and then we were off to the library.  We do this every week together and she loves it.  So do I. 
Then we hopped in the car and had a snack.  We always have snack after the the car.  But, today was special so she got a juice box instead of her sippy cup!
Then I tell her we are going to the Butterfly Museum...really known as the Riverbend Nature Center.  She tells me, "Oh Mommy, that is a good idea!"  We were off!  For three blocks.  Only to arrive to a parking lot with school buses.  I got worried but we were pressing on...and I am so glad we did!
We got to see so many things up close, with the extra attention the big kids were getting.  Like the BIG salamander.  
Then we went into the glass atrium that used to have butterflies everywhere...but they got a special new spot we got to see them in for the first time.  But first we had to practice our jumping.
There are really cool animals just "livin'" in there, like this lazy turtle that Addison found.
After we checked out the bugs, bones, birds, plants, and made a butterfly ring and a pinwheel, we entered the newly enclosed butterfly area.  It was magnificent! 
When we were done and went out to look at the turtle aquarium, the "turtle dude" told us the Dallas Zoo was there that day and we should go check it out.  So, out we went.
Just a couple of the animals we saw up close..with the BIG kids!  See, BIG kids are great!
This is when Addison decided she needed to go potty....
Then she decided we should go on our walk down the nature trail...
See that bench?  Yeah, she needed a rest...
We made our way F.A.R. down the trail only to feel sprinkles of rain.  We had a little "race" to get back to shelter.  But of course the sprinkles we could have our picnic lunch!
To finish up we took a stroll in the children's garden and visited the painted horse and posed a few times and took a self-portrait to capture our day. 
P.S. Lulu, The Ladybug Girl, plays dress up.  She pretends to be an astronaut and she wears her hair in buns, with a clear globe stuck on her head.  Please pretend she is an astronaut every time you see her with this hair...just don't mention the globe part!  Please and thank you.

P.P.S.  Dear, GGMom and GGDad (givers of the Jingle Bell Dog)...She will be singing this to you this summer, at 6:00 a.m., at your bedside, two inches from your face.  Don't worry, I will let myself in.  I wouldn't want you to miss out on the F.U.L.L effect.  :)

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