Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Olivia Graduates from Preschool

We have had so many milestones in the past couple of weeks, so hang in here with me while I get them all uploaded.  It all began, for me, when I dropped her off for her first day of preschool this year.  I actually remembered to document this day because I knew we were turning a corner that leads us down a fast winding road...
It poured rain that day, so we had to take our photos inside.  We had FUN! - Sept. 2010
 Then, I must say I amaze myself sometimes, I remembered to take a photo on the last day of school!  I see major changes to her face and how could we overlook the ponytail?
I would have preferred to deny this moment and pretend this was for fun...but it was all in the name of creating history.  -May 2011
I chose to post these photos in black and white for a specific reason.  There are things in life that fall into the "grey" area of life and then there are things in life that are very "black and white".  What I have come to realize, with children, is that the most "black and white" part of their lives is time.  Meaning, it is going to come and then go, it doesn't slow down, and you can't stop it.  So, if you don't capture those fleeting moments, quickly, you can't get them back BUT you can remember them...exactly as they were.

On to the GRADUATION!!!
So our time came and we had Nate arrive when the doors opened (a benefit of having him work nights) to get front row seats.  And, we had front row seats...  It was awesome.  She marched in and flashed her smile.

or maybe that was more like a grin???  It was cute and she was proud!

Then she "pledged"...

and then she sang...her favorite thing to do!

Don't you love how they are all doing something different?  Adorable!

And then the BIG moment came....(drum roll please)

I have to admit that as I watched this there were flashes in my mind that rolled forward 12 years and imagined how short that was...and how I could never imagine her doing this to me surviving this with her at 18...and what was I going to do...and then I stopped myself...and I looked at her...and I smiled back.

Of course we had to capture a moment with her best friend Rylie...Oh I don't know how these two are going to make it next year without each other.

And then there was our final moment together...

Let our next ADVENTURE begin!

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