Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Cowboys Came for A Visit

So the greatest thing happened this weekend.  Nate actually got to level the playing field in our home with some more testosterone!  You know Cowgirl...the one who left me high and dry with 5 pounds of Whoopie Pies?? for New York City...her little cowpokes cowboys got to come over for a visit and play with us!  Best part?  Without their parents!  WOOHOO!
So..this wasn't like a totally planned out thing.  More of a "Hey bring 'em over and let 'em hang with us thing."  They agreed...well they did a have a little work to get it was easy for them to say YES!  But here I am in the midst of making dinner (that was a planned thing) and thinking cowboys don't eat this kind of stuff.  Planned was Cheesy Meaty Manicotti and salad.  I quickly decided to add some corn just in case.  I was worried!  Cowgirl cooks and all...yeah...cowboy type food.

We sat down, we prayed, and they ATE!  Like they not only ate...they cleaned their plates!  This makes me happy because if you eat with us enough you know that there is a treat if you eat good and we were all getting treats...and nobody could tell us no!

Then I realized that they had already messed up destroyed the bedrooms with toys when I had a brainstorm!  It was actually not 100 degrees and not 40 degrees outside-it was P.E.R.F.E.C.T!  Outside we went.  It was awesome!
They played
and played

 and played

and...ok you get the point.  We had fun and played! 

To our favorite cowboys--Please come again (without your parents) and play with us.  You can eat with us too and I promise not to make any of that fancy stuff.  Next time, I promise, we can have good 'ol cowboy food.  

Did I mention we had fun?  and played?

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  1. Thank You!!! I'm so glad they had fun & ate well!!!! I'm going to need a copy of these photos!!!!


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