Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Had A Snow Day!

Thank goodness we finally got some snow in these parts!  Albeit not so great timing for our family...or should I say Nate.  He was supposed to take his BIG test today and it is now delayed until further notice...oh wait, they emailed him the new date but it is waiting in his work email that he can't get to well, because we are snowed in.  He would never tell you he is snowed in because he is MAN and he is from VERMONT!  They go out in shorts in this weather... So we will wait until he returns to work for a new date, but until then I am living with a human garbage disposal that can't sleep!  Thank goodness I am a good cook and hard sleeper.

The girls anxiously awaited their trek into the snow.  It amazes me that I still cannot convince them that it is so cold (felt like -7 out) that it is not worth all of the effort.  Nate of course looks at me like I have forgotten that they are 5 and 2.  Well, every girl needs a challenge right?  Then he looks at me and then back at Olivia and I just head for the clothes.  They had a blast...for 10 minutes, and then snuggled up in the house with some hot chocolate.  Enjoy our pics!

Addison's First Steps Into the Snow

What a Showoff...  :)  The Girls Loved His "Gear"
She Did Not Want to Come In

Proof I was Here!

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  1. so cute Lindsey. They are picture perfect. My kids did the same things. Begged to go out for an hour...stayed out for ten minutes!


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