Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Because You Are Dying to Know ;)

Ok, ok...so I have gotten several questions about the arrival of the triplets and YES they are here!  If you have a child then you very clearly remember bringing that child home.  Now, while they have had one child, there was a little (very little) comfort in bringing three infants home at one time.  Because, YES, they went full term and that meant she stayed pregnant and working until 36 weeks, so they had every chance of being very healthy.  The nerves kicked in a little the morning of the delivery but out they came, 1...2...3 on January 27, 2011.  Three boys... ALL of them healthy.  Maybe there was this thought along the way that just maybe there would be a transition if one or two couldn't make it home on arrival day but NO!  They all went home together to an army waiting to take care of them.  I am heading for a visit in a couple of weeks.  I am ready for any shift...why?  how? because I only have to do it for three days!  I really cannot imagine doing this with three, day and night....so Melissa and Jason...my hat is off to you and I will be there shortly to help.  I am hoping it is like riding a bike; however I have never held a 4 pound baby or three!  
All 4 boys!

A little Valentine's gift for the triplets and BIG brother Chase! 
 Hey, I figured I better get in the cute stuff while they are little.  Time runs out faster on this stuff with boys...so I have heard!

If you want the "skinny" about how this is all working, visit their blog!

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