Friday, February 4, 2011

So Cooped Up You Don't Know What To Do???

Well, here I sit after my first glimpse of the road today.  No, no, I haven't been driving on it.  I simply saw it from my daughter's window this afternoon.  After three days of singing, ok humming, ok mentally singing and humming Annie's "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow," it finally did!  Thank goodness I didn't bet my bottom dollar on it two days ago!  Ok, ok, we can move on to what a hard knock life we have had all cozied up "together" for the past week.  Food?  Check.  Supplies?  Check.  Entertainment?  Check.  Well, maybe a half check on entertainment because if you have a kid (it doesn't even have to be more than one) you will "hear" me when I say that we parents never EVER have enough entertainment.  Can I get an Amen?  Here I was so excited that we were snowed in.  I had it all figured out.  Two parents, two kids, and snow.  Why would we need anything else?  Hello...two kids!  Two girls to be exact.  For more then a moment I forgot why it was she goes to preschool.  It took me a couple of days hours to remember it was because with all of the creativity that pours out of me at times, there is NEVER enough for her.  She is 5.  She is bored.  She has the attention span of a 2 year old.  She is too smart and her favorite question is, "What are we doing next?" She is OLIVIA!  If you know her, well, you know.  So, here is what we did next, and next, and next for 4 days...
 I was so glad Nate was here to see the work that went into doing this project and we weren't even done when Olivia said, "What are doing next?"  Now he gets it!

Worth the effort, right?  I have three of these cute yarn hearts hanging in my house.  No, they are not red...but they are LOVE!  P.S. My camera was not on AUTO here!  WOOHOO!
There was impromptu dress-up.  This is what happens when you let Daddy get up first.  Yes, that is a swimsuit, on backwards, with a swim diaper and her Ariel bow.  She wore it ALL day long.  Yes, I have scheduled her doctor's appointment for 5 days from now.  :)


 So, I found another project in Family Fun magazine.  Hey, the yarn hearts definitely came through, so why not.  Well, 10 minutes in and I wanted to write the editor and explain that apparently this craft should have gone in DIY While Your Kids are Away magazine.  Not one thing they could do to help really....

except get in the way....
and then model the finished project....of course!

Cat and Dog scarves!  I am in LOVE!

After the scarf day I decided I needed to de-stress with a little cooking.  SO, I thought I would make some brownies.  Then, there it was on the bottom of the box.  One of those suck you in, to die for, use this product to make this recipe cards, which will make you feel even worse when you eat it.  A brownie pizza!  WHOA!  I quickly skimmed the ingredients.  Brownie mix?  Duh. Check.  Crunchy peanut butter?  Um.  Plain.  Check.  One container of plain chocolate icing. Um. Triple fudge with chocolate chips.  Check!  So away I went into baking bliss.

One final day of play as the snow began to melt away.

These are the memories I have longed for.  
This is my slice of Heaven on Earth.  
I can't believe it is mine.  
or as Annie put it, 
"I know I'm gonna like it here
Get me now, holy cow
Could someone pinch me please."


  1. I saw these scarves in the Family Fun Magazine and can't wait to make them with my boys! I'm sure it will be a puppy and snake for us! I've got to get to hobby lobby for fabric. Great job girls! They are super cute. Jen Stone

  2. Super cute :) Janice Moody

  3. Too cute!! Love all of the pictures and of course the scarves are adorable!! You are so creative and such a great mom!! Olivia and Addison are definitely blessed with an awesome mom!!! I miss all of ya'll!! Kim

  4. After seeing your craftiness, I guess I let mine play on the wii too long!! My only plus, we did get our valentines done!!


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