Thursday, February 10, 2011

That's Princess Olivia to You!

After being cooped up all week waiting for "the sun to come out", Olivia and I had a much anticipated date night.  Many months ago I sent her with Nate for a daddy/daughter date night to see the play Pinocchio.  She had a fabulous time but I got the "standard" male feedback (love ya hon) of, "Yeah, it was good."  Ok, here I am anxiously awaiting every detail of what she said when they did such and such and did she laugh and smile and love it?  Ladies, you know, I was looking for the 30 minute play-by-play (that's for you male folks).  So, right then and there I inserted myself into the rotation for date nights to the plays.  Here was my big chance!  My princess was going to burst to pieces when I told her we were going to see Cinderella!  My fantastic plan for daily talk about our date was quickly swept away when our snow storm hit last week.  Let's face it, I am thinking a 5 minute daily chat about what we will wear, etc...not 24/7, "Is it today?"  So Saturday finally arrived, roads cleared finally that morning, and I broke the news to her.  She was so excited she said, "You mean we are going to Disney World?"  Looooong pause by, "No princess, a play like you and daddy went to here in town."  Can you hear my brain trying to recover here?  "BUT, you get to dress up as Cinderella and we can go out to eat (her new found love)!"  Aha!  She was hooked.  Then I wondered why I didn't wait until 5:00pm, right before we walked out the door, to tell her this.  Yes, I bet she asked if it was time to go 50 times that day.  Well, 5 o'clock came and we got her all gussied up in her Cinderella dress and jewels.

We hopped in our carriage and away we went, glass slippers and all!  After convincing her that this was her one chance to pick a great place, not Taco Bell, she chose Chinese food.  The best part was seeing how people treated her like royalty and oohing and aahing over her.  Here big blue eyes had sparkles coming out of them with every stare and comment.  Her swagger got more and more exaggerated and it was AWESOME!
As soon as we sat down and got cozy for the show, Olivia found a friend...of course.  There was the cutest little boy and girl behind us, but this boy was quite the match for Olivia.  We chatted along with him, he was turning 4 in 4 days and he was having an Iron Man party, and Olivia was invited.  His mother better watch out.  He moves fast!  He was SUPER cute!  He gave great commentary throughout the show and more entertainment during the break.  It was after the break, when the play began again, he says loud enough for two rows front and back of us to hear, "Hey girl, I love you, will you hold my hand?"  I am d-e-a-d serious!  I was trying so hard to not laugh out loud while his grandparents (um, that of course is the only relative that would attempt to take a 3 year boy to ya g-parents) were crawling under the seats!  She barely noticed his advances because she loved the play!  Afterward we had to have a picture or two or twenty with every living sole that was in the production.  Here are a few!

So, my dearest Olivia, when I dreamed of having a girl it was these experiences that I so looked forward to and you have lived up to everything I dreamed of for us.  You come with your smile, vibrant personality, eyes full of gleam and anticipation, cheerfulness, and excitement to everything we do together.  That is what makes answering, "Is it today?" 50 times all WORTH it!  I love you!

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