Monday, February 14, 2011

In the Name of Love

What could be more fitting then another excerpt of my love story with my Valentine on this special day?  We left off with me deciding that I would never ever sit on a runway, in an airplane, in a cute outfit, with torrential rains, ever again. 
So we had a great weekend and began making preliminary plans for my big move.  There were a few BIGGER things to plan for besides an apartment, job, etc…  Like, how was I going to tell my mother…yes I said tell, not ask.  You see, when I went to college and then wanted to quit after the first semester, she threatened to quit her job and go with me to class everyday….um, I quickly decided that I REALLY wanted to be in college and I was quite happy, so she could just never mind that whole quitting thing.  Part of those discussions included her telling me that I was going to complete college, in four consecutive years; they started in the fall of 1997 and would end in the spring of 2001.  P.E.R.I.O.D.  The other part was that after completion I would be able to do whatever I wanted (except I don’t think she meant this…exactly).  I don’t forget anything people!  This was my ticket! 
Sitting on her front porch, in a rocking chair, I calmly told her how in lust love I was and that I was moving to Vegas.  I also took this opportunity to remind her about what she told me in the fall of 1997….that whole part about finishing college and being able to do what I wanted.  I was cashing that in, NOW.  Well, I don’t remember exactly what she said, I was in love bliss people, and nothing she said was going to change my mind.  However, I do remember exactly what my stepfather said as he washed my car for the last time.  Let’s just say that none of his scenarios included marrying this wonderful man.  I think he would definitely tell you today he is glad that he was wrong.  He is one of Nate’s biggest fans for sure!
So moving day came and my knight in shining armor had arrived in NC to drive me in my Toyota Camry, with my U-Haul, across the country to Vegas.  My apartment was all cleared out and we spent our last night at my Mom’s house.  The following morning we loaded up and went to the Cracker Barrel to have breakfast with my grandmother.  There she sat, my mom, waiting to eat one last breakfast with me…I was surprised to say the least. 
Breakfast complete, pictures taken, we slid into our seats and put the car in drive.   I opened an envelope that had been placed in my car seat earlier that morning.  It had a suitcase on the front and it read, “Memories…the lightest things to carry with you.  I love you, Mom.”    
 Go ahead, I did too, all the way to Tennessee. 

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