Friday, April 5, 2013

I Am Still Trying to Figure This One Out

I thought by the time I had a third child I just might have figured this parenting thing out.  Mostly the hard why your kids does what she does, or what "that" face means.  However, Allye has most certainly not provided an easy avenue for me to feel like I am a wealth of knowledge about pretty much far as parenting goes.  Easy baby?  Check.  Less freaked out mom?  Check.  It ends there.  While my first two girls were (according to others) early to do things like crawl, walk, and climb they were not early getting their teeth or talking.  If you know them now, I know that is hard to believe.  Then comes Allye.  Allye has done everything at lightning speed, compared to her sisters.  She is fierce.  As in...when I drop her off to church caretakers I warn them about her.  Give them the Here's What to Expect List and then say, "This is your warning."  They smile real politely and I leave.  Who knows what happens next?  But.  I always get the same commentary when I pick her up.  It doesn't matter if it is the first time or fourth time they have kept her.  It is always the same.  "She make the funniest faces.  She keeps us laughing the whole time."  It really is quite amusing.  So, I thought I would share with you one episode that happened last week, just to give you an idea of the faces...and why I will never know what she is thinking behind those pursed pink lips and bold brown eyes.  

In a mere 15 seconds this is what I got.

I was sitting outside taking pictures of the two "bigs" swinging on the disc swing.  I decided to take a few pictures of Allye.  Her face seemed to feel left out.  As soon as I turned the camera to her I got this.

Yep.  The cold shoulder.  She is very good at this.  I was not losing this one though.  I called her and called her and called her.  She finally turned around and gave me this...

Added the lean for a little humph!

 I have no idea about this.

 Or this.

I am fairly certain she is on a mission at this point.

 Yep.  Walked straight to my camera, put her hand to the lens and pushed it away.  Star in training for this paparazzi mom.

Fierce I tell ya.

 And then there is this.  Five minutes later I plop her snack ready self into the swivel chair on the patio with her juice cup and food, point my camera at her face, and she does this...

With a little peek-a-boo fun for good measure.

And a smile that leaves nothing to my imagination.'s all about the snack.

Maybe I do have this figured out.

Until tomorrow.

---The Mama

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  1. Those expressions! Killing. Me. She is a doll! You have such a a great, loving attitude towards motherhood and its challenges, and I adore reading your thoughts and words.

    Hope you have a good weekend.


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