Friday, April 12, 2013

A Personalized Thank You

The girls and I (with a little help from Man) made these super cute thank you notes for our family and friends for the Easter gifts they bestowed upon us.  Sometimes I have my act together and can get something like this done.  Sometimes I don't.  This is one of the times I did.  


When we got back from our trip to Meme and Popi's for Easter I was feeling a little crafty.  I had Man home for an extra day, a few blank cards burning a whole in my mind, and a few extra minutes on this particular day.  I really wanted to send thank you notes to everyone who sent the girls Easter goodies, visited with us, etc. so here is what I came up with. 

And yes, even Allye made some too.  Don't be afraid to craft with babies.  Just have help waiting in the wings!

We painted the palm of their hand brown and two of their fingers pink like this.

Then we helped them keep their hand spread appropriately when placing it on the card.  

Once the cards dried I set out the alphabet stamps and ink pad and let them stamp "Thank You" on each card.  Then I took a very fine brush and created the outline around the ears, the eyes, the nose, and the whiskers.

A great, quick, and memorable thank you note for family and friends...
and it wasn't even nap time.

--The Crafty Mama

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