Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Very Special Easter

Thanks to our flexible homeschooling schedule we extended our Spring Break/Easter vacation to my parents by a WEEK!  EEK!!!!  Reason # 2 I love homeschooling!  Living only a 10 hour drive away gave us the opportunity to make this visit, and my mom flying in to drive with me to N.C. made it a fun adventure.  Man flew to us in time for Easter and drove us back.  Meme doesn't do drop-off.  Breaks her heart.


As soon as we hit the ground in N.C. I was up bright and early the next morning to get my fill of everything baby.  Worried might be one word you could use to describe Man.  You women know why.  First there was a visit to our newest family member, baby Carter.

Isn't he so cute and cuddly and snuggly?  I would have taken him with me but this is their first child so they would have noticed.

I stopped over at my step-brother's house to see their four boys family.  Those babies are not babies anymore.  We were so busy playing ball and reading books I didn't get a picture.  Now I know why their mother can never get one of them together.  Bless her heart.

 I have one bestie that is pregnant.  She has two boys.  This one is a girl.  I was there for her baby shower.  It threw-up pink in her house.  It was gorgeous!

I might have had a slight case of baby fever that day.  Then I got back to Allye reality.

This visit introduced lots of piano playing.  Popi was a patient teacher and he and Olivia were playing a duet by the time we had to leave.  She is hooked now.  Woohoo!

Not to be outdone.

My other bestie, "Aunt" Heather came to visit us for the day.  We took them to do all of the mall fun and eat out at Chick-fil-a so we could have a semi-adult conversation.  Four days later they convinced Popi for round two of all above mentioned activities plus a trip to the ice cream store.

Then there were the four days of Easter.  Yes, four days before Easter we walked down in the morning to a Meme off from work and cute little bags filled with Easter surprises.  The girls loved this treat each morning.  

This is why I need a vacation when we get back from Meme's.  There are lots of things to climb on and in and under.  It never ends.  Ever.

Popi installed this swing several years ago.  It is still a favorite.  I love that Olivia can swing herself now by pushing off of the tree.  It's like living in the country.  Or not.

The day before Easter my two step-brothers brought their kids and we had a little celebration.  I tried to get a picture before they got there.

But Allye just wanted to wave to the marathon runners that were passing by.

Popi hid the eggs.  Olivia had been planning her strategy to collect the most eggs.  I was one step ahead of her.  The eggs were divided for the big kids.  They could only collect the ones with their names on them.  Popi was another step ahead.  He hid hers more discreetly then the others.  She did not appreciate being outsmarted.

He made nests for them in the pine straw.

This one was my favorite one of all.  

The time came.  We lined them up, told them the rules, and let them go.

 The perky smile was before she discovered her eggs were really, really, really hidden.

We broke for lunch.  Meme set up a kids table.   Made herself the chaperone. 

Then we headed back outside and did some running.  Lots and lots of running.

As we settled in that night the girls made our traditional note for the bunny to hide our eggs.

Easter morning at Meme and Popi's!

Allye only cares about what is in the eggs...that seemed to be everywhere!

What was the bunny thinking?

The Easter morning hunt began.  It had to be inside this year due to torrential rains through the night.

 According to Allye's face it was a success!

Next we were off to church for a great morning of celebration.

We ended the day with an Easter dinner with the GG's.  What a blessing that they can still be a part of my children's lives.  I am so thankful for each visit our girls have with them.  Allye is the happiest of all...

We hope your Easter was a wonderful time with family and friends.  
This was certainly a special treat for us to be able to spend this holiday with family.  

---The Mama

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  1. Have read this three times already today because I love the words, the heart and the pictures. You have an amazing ability to capture the pure joy of the moment!


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