Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Three Wise Men...According to Addison

It is very infrequent that I now will only have just one of my girls in the car with me for any extended period of time.  So, I was thrilled to have time with Addison as we drove from Texas to Florida.  

 Our first day driving together she enjoyed the quiet, as much as I did, and mostly entertained herself.  Little did I know she was just saving up for our second day together.

Out of the blue (meaning there was dead silence between the two of us for many miles) she starts to ask me about things that make Jesus happy and sad.  We have this conversation occasionally, usually with Olivia, who is doing the asking.  So, I thought this might be interesting to hear it from Addison's perspective.  And.it.was.

She was asking me stuff like, "Mommy, is Jesus happy when Olivia is mean to me?"  And it went on from there, with mostly questions about Olivia.  So, I decided to test her a little and see just what she has learned at church.  Or should I say, remembered?  A teachable moment, right?  So, I think she should know who Jesus' parents were.  She did get Mary right.  Then I asked her about his birth.  I said, "Addison, in what type of place was he born?"  Silence.  So I gave her the answer.  Then I said, "Addison, what did they put him in?"  She described it but didn't know the name.  Then I said, "Addison, did you know that three wise men came to see the baby?"  She says, "No."  I tell her, "Yes, and they brought him gifts.  Gold, frankincense, and myrrh."  No pause at all...and she says with excitement, "And a baby bottle too!"  The lesson was over at.that.very.moment....and the laughter began!

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