Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Little Ocean Fun

A strange thing happens when you live in the desert.  You never see the ocean.  Well, unless you are willing to drive at least 10 way.  So, sometimes people look at us funny when we get to the beach and we run straight to the ocean.

Nope...we don't make them change into their swimsuits.  We are cool like that...sort of.

And then they run like they have never seen a wave.

And when you are six, you are really smart.  You tuck your dress into your monkey bar pants.

This makes your mama proud...and thankful she remembered the pants.

And then you dance like no one is watching.  I love this about you.

The littlest sister seems a little concerned about all of this.

Check that...a LOT concerned.  Like, "Meme, am I related to her?"
Then I keep clicking and then I come home and then I look at all of the photos and then all I can think is, "I wish I were this carefree, confident, energetic, and full of life."

And then I see this. I love how their sweet personalities are so reflected in this photo.

But then this appears...

And I realize that my three girls are the luckiest girls alive. 

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