Monday, July 30, 2012

Allye's 9th Month

It does not escape me that I seem to be a couple of weeks behind each month posting about my sweet Allye.  However, I do believe I have a full proof excuse this month.  I moved two adults and three kids across country...after I packed every square inch of my home and the 26' Penske that, by the way, did not hold all of our stuff.  Anyway...that is a whole 'nother post.

Believe it or not Allye is surviving this crazy whirlwind of a lifestyle that we lead in the summers.  She spent her entire ninth month in North Carolina as we visited family.  She started the month with her first (of many) trips to Great Wolf Lodge.  This is how this worked.  Many months ago my step-mom (which I despise that term because I think of the evilness of Cinderella's step-mom every time I say it and she is not evil in called me and said that Emerson (our 4 year old cousin) told her that when we came this summer we were all going to the Great Wolf Lodge for an overnight visit.  Key word...overnight.  Main sleep.  But was great... and there was sleep.  **Stay tuned for a post about the whole weekend.**

Then we headed (about 5 minutes after this picture and 24 hours after non-stop swim fun) to their lake house.  Another first for Allye.  She got to spend time down by the lake/beach area.

Catching some zzzzzz's.

Crawling through the sand...

And yes, taking several tastes.  I really don't understand this.  That can't feel good in your mouth.  I can't believe it would have any real taste.  Then I think about motherly things like what has stepped on the sand...then I have to turn away and not watch.  But I still love you anyway...just not the whole eating sand thing.

A few days later we took you to the big park in Salisbury.  I think you liked the big girl swing!

When you found something to climb on...your day was made.

Here is just a really cute picture of you.  I am your momma.  I can put pictures for no reason.  :)

Next we took you with your sisters and cousins to the Discovery Center near their home.  You and Kennedy had a blast playing in the water...

and getting WET!

We celebrated July 4th at Meme and Popi's before heading back to Texas.  You loved every minute of the party but refused to stay up for the fireworks.  

Beware...Daddy captured a moment and this mommy has to put it here...

After another driving adventure across country, we captured your nine month photos outside of our church.

My sweet Allye.  You have brought another month of joy to our home.  You are growing faster then we can stand and accomplishing so much each day.  When I wasn't looking Meme taught you your first word this month..."Papa"...she is simply preparing you for "Popi".  And then, she and Popi taught you "Dada."  I am not sure about all of this and why you love to say them both.  You love to laugh when I say, "Mama."  You look at me and very seriously say, "Dada."  You practiced walking a LOT and took your very first unassisted steps at 9 months and 2 days.  More on that in the tenth month update.  You are a whopping 28.5" long and 20 pounds light!  We love you more then words can say. 

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  1. Love this sweet girl and her smiles. I am thinking she may be some sort of traveling corporate woman when she grows up with all the travels she has already experienced. Love that we got to visit while you were here.


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