Friday, July 13, 2012

For the Love of Popi

From day one they have been "tight".  Olivia and Popi that is.  Over the years they have experienced lots of "firsts" together.  I will tell you that I have had the best seat in the house to watch this love grow.  I have watched Olivia grow from acceptance to trust, trust to love, and love to admiration.  Just the normal stages of growth I guess you could say.  And while I could ramble on about all of the times I have seen that look in her eyes I think I will let two pictures do the talking for me. 

Olivia got to attend her first wedding when she was 3, just about to turn 4.  I took this picture as a side thought.  Just a quick snap.  But, it quickly turned into a favorite of Popi's.  We were definitely to love here.

Fast forward three years.  Olivia is now 6, just about to be 7.  With my bestie getting married we were all dressed up once again.  However, it was very intentional this time to take a picture of these two.  And, I must say...anytime I need Olivia to give me a good picture I will say, "Show me the smile Popi likes."  And I think this will show you why.  

That is her....full of love and admiration.  She loves her Popi.  And while their relationship is ever-changing, their love is not.  She adores him and that smile sums it all up.  For me, well I don't think there is anything that makes a momma happier then to see her children love and be loved.  
"Grandparents and grandchildren are God's gift to each other." - Author: Unknown

P.S.  Just for Olivia..."Raise your hand if you love Popi!"

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