Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Friday Date

About two months ago I decided that it would be fun to spend Friday afternoons with my big girls.  It really started with Addison asking to go to the library after we picked Olivia up from school one Friday and we had so much fun I thought it should continue. 

So, every week Addison and I pick Olivia up from school and I have something planned for us to do.  It is typically pretty simple but lots of fun.  The girls have really "taken" to this idea.  They anticipate each Friday and what we might go do.

This past Friday was a little different because neither one of the girls had school but Man still need to nap that morning...something to do with working all night.  Details.  So, we hung out at home and worked like Trojans played with Allye that morning.  We decided to start our date a little early with lunch!  We headed to the red taco place and ate chips! chips! and more chips!

Then we headed down the street to the library to check out some books.  We have the best library full of great books, computers, and hands-on games for little ones.  We love it there!  Then we headed out for a walk down the streets of downtown and to a little shop I have been frequenting.  The owner is smart.  She has a kitchen and play area for the kids.  Let's just say it was a miracle that I was ready to leave before they were!  

Then we strolled some more and decided we needed a "treat".  That is code word in our family for a sweet or dessert.  So, we were headed to the fancy cupcake place when Olivia changed their minds and decided it should be ice cream.  I am easy...we went for ice cream.  There is nothing skinny about ice cream so I sat there and drooled watched them enjoy theirs.  

Then we ran some errands and the real conversations began.  I am constantly asked about why, how, etc... these days.  Typically I have the answers.  Sometimes I have the answer but probably not the age appropriate answer.  That is when I deflect.  Sometimes it doesn't work.  Then there are times I have to give the answer over and over and over.  Not sure why that is.  It seems to be a phenomenon with Olivia.  'Cause she is really trying to figure stuff out these days...or I should say understand.  I get it.  I am made of the same stuff but sometimes the answer is the answer...or is it?

This was our final car conversation Friday.

Olivia:  "Mom, what is under the pavement?"

Me: "Ground."

Olivia:  "No Mom, what is under that?"

Me:  "Dirt."

Olivia:  "No Mom, under that."

Me:  "Maybe I don't understand what you are asking me."

Olivia:  (Total exasperation.) "I mean, what is under the dirt."

Addison:  (Beyond total exasperation.) "Worms and people Sissy!"

Me:  (Laughter I am desperately trying to sustain.)

Olivia: (Silence.)

Addison: She smiles, nods (real proud), and says, "Right Mom?"

Me: "Right Addison."

Olivia:  (Silence. First. Time. Ever.)

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