Monday, April 2, 2012

A Date With The BIG Girls

Many months ago my email was singing to me when I opened it one morning.  It was glorious Disney princess lyrics of some sort or another.  Not really but wouldn't that be glorious?  Anyway, I sleepily peeked in my email with the dull roar of my kids in the background (isn't that more like it now?), when what did appear? Disney On Ice!  Yes, I couldn't believe it!  Dallas, yuck, but we were going!  because it was all princesses!  and Rapunzel was going to be there!  So, once I talked it over with Man and he succumbed offered to keep Allye here at home, I bought the tickets.  The very expensive tickets that don't seem so expensive until you have to factor in a two hour drive (one way), gas, parking, food, food, and more food, a slight detour by the outlet mall, another two hour drive back home, and then more gas.  Whatever.....we were making memories!

So the morning finally came.  I did not remind my sweet angels about this at all because, hello..., I didn't want to answer the "Is it today?" question 5 bazillion times.  So, I presented them with theme shirts and asked them if they knew what we were doing.  Olivia contemplates it for a moment and then guesses....ding, ding, ding....correctly!  The shrills were glass shattering.  Excitement filled the air and their little bodies began moving at warp speed to get ready.

But first we had to have breakfast....

 Rapunzel style....

Then we threw our stuff in the car and we.were.gone.  

 And do you know that we did not have to stop to potty not one time?!  This has to be a Guinness World Record or something.  

The.Best.Part was watching their faces and hearing Olivia's sweet voice sing along to the songs.  That was all me in her.  

And then there was commentary by Addison.  Now that was hilarious.  I love how she "sees" the world.  She still has that innocence and sweetness.  

But my favorite part was when Olivia shouts, "This is so AWESOME!"  Not to me, just to the whole arena.  That made my day.  That made it all worth it.

Then we hurried to Chick-fil-a (remember we don't have one in our town...) ate some chicken, played a bit, hopped in our car, drove across the parking lot to the outlet mall, "hit" two stores, the carousel, waved to the crocodile at the Rainforest Cafe (three times), tossed some coins in the crocodile's mouth (which saved two birds or something I am sure), got in our car, realized it was now 5:30, drove back across the street, ate dinner, got in the car to come home, drove 5 miles, stopped to potty (yes, we went before we got in the car), drove 15 miles, stopped to potty, well, let's just say it took 4 or 5 potty breaks and three hours to drive a two hour trip home.  And I wouldn't.change.a.thing.  'Cause we were making memories...

The End
to The Best Day Ever!  ;)

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