Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Daddy Diary

Sometimes awesomeness happens when you least expect it.  Can't wait to show you what I mean.  Let me explain...  When I informed Man that I would be needing to have a bridal shower for my bestie sometime before June, he said, "Ok."  He did not process this.  He did not stop to think what I was really telling him.  No, that was not the awesomeness, although some of you think so ;)  That is his regular, nice, giving, self.  Then I gently pointed out that he would have three kids to care for...he said, "Ok."  So then I pointed out that that meant he would have to feed them, fix their hair, bathe them, do school pick-ups, feed them, referee arguments, etc...etc.... for three days.  He paused, looked up at me and said, "Ok."  Ok, so maybe I was the one with the doubts here.  The final arrangement (for my sanity) was for me to take Olivia with me.

She is the flower girl after-all!  This was like an official duty, although the school would not agree with me on that.  They did get a good laugh though at my very best effort for an excuse.

So at exactly 10:00 am, last Friday, Olivia and I drove out of her school's driveway... and we were off... and it was like a non-stop scheduled race drive to Dallas.  Only two hours, only two girls, for a 1:30 flight.  What could go wrong?  I'll give you two guesses and the first one doesn't count.  A yes, the potty break.  Twice!  And race fan traffic, and Dallas highway get the point.  BUT, thanks to $19/day parking, we were on time...even early enough to inhale some food...

Flower girl doesn't quite understand the concept of inhale so she finished on the plane.  Yes, she was that person.  Brings hot food on the plane and enjoys every bite in your face.

A quick check of my phone and I could tell things were going just fine for Man and babes.  

And the Daddy Diary began.

Out to lunch... (I am like...How big is that drink?)  BUT, I don't write that back.  Aren't you proud?

He even has his camo princess at the wheel...

Headed to buy diapers...(I am like...She only needs the paci for naps.) Nope, didn't write that either.  Yep, I know.

Good and secure with all my babes now Olivia and I were off and well, she doesn't quite need me like she used too.

Just a Leap Pad, Smartphone, or any other electronic device that I own or have bought and have no idea how to use.  Now, I am thinking I made the right choice here.  I am quietly reading my book.  Yahoo!

While far, far away, Man has the kids bathed before dinner???

Yep, that was my stepping off the plane text.  (I am like...A yes, he is catching on.)  Nope, kept my mouth shut.  I was enjoying this.

Olivia and I met Meme at the airport and she rushed us to food and a bed...we had a big day ahead!

Little did I know, so did Man.

So, any time that I am away...five minutes, fifteen minutes, one day, or two days and 10 hours, I give Man the run-down.  I say things like, "Have fun with them. You could take them and do (x).  How about you do this?  Give them this to eat.  Don't let them have this to eat.  Be fun. etc...etc...etc..."  I am sure it is annoying but I am really trying to help.  Maybe it is a Mom thing.  Do you do this?  This is quite the shortened version of this trip's list, I must be honest here.

So, when I got this...

I got giddy.  'Cause Man doesn't usually leave the house with two girls all alone...

Especially to go do this...

(I am like....Oh, he put the cute hat on her....*side thought to the side thought***Must have needed to cover up the hairdo.  What good thinking.)  Nope, not yet.

What a cutey!  (And he is taking pictures!!!) Uh huh.  Nope.

(I am like...What a second...are those her pajamas?)  Nope...what good would it do?

Oh, love that she looks so happy.  (That hair.  Where is that hat?)

My melting heart...he even let her play games!  (I could have sworn he had that hair in a ponytail.  What did he use to hold it back?  *note to self****Give another hair lesson.)

Oh my!  Where did Man go?  He would never let this happen!  The whole bag in her lap?  While he wasn't watching?   (Yep, found the hat 'cause he didn't want to wash that out of her hair tonight.  Smart man.)

All the while we were doing bridal shower things...watching Olivia eat chocolate cake...opening bridal presents...watching Olivia eat lemon cake...meeting bride's friends....watching Olivia eat cheesecake with chocolate topping...leaving bestie bride with lots of new goodies....watching Olivia SWIM!

Meme got "Meme of the Year" for finding us a place with a pool.  Mom here, got "Mom of the Year" for taking a swimsuit not knowing if there was a pool.  Love.when.this.happens.

So I awoke the next day again.  Was ushered straight to the airport and got to Houston with no problem.  However...if you know anything about Texas it is that weather appears out of nowhere.  Serious.  So, we sat in the Houston airport for many, many hours.  Then it happened.  Man texts me and says, "Realtor coming to show house.  Headed out."  Really?  Poor Man.  

Then I get this.  Yes!  He found the kites the girls just bought and took them to the soccer fields to fly them.  We are never lacking wind people.  (Is that lime green pants with a teal shirt?  Does he realize they don't "go together?")  No way.  I wouldn't go there if my life depended on it.

Then I get a text that says, "Ok.  That lasted 5 minutes.  Going to the park."

Then it happens.  Man's worst nightmare.  My favorite middle child gets hurt.  So he fesses up.  And quick.  "Had a little accident at the park.  Everything is ok."  

(Ah yes.  He has learned the key to fix boo-boos.)

A few minutes later...

"We were just getting warmed up for dinner."

"She is fine now.  Don't worry."  
(I am going to worry 'til I check her out with my own two hands. Does he know me?  Have we met?)

And when I landed in Dallas two and a half hours late.  I am welcomed with this.

Yep.  Two perfectly healthy baby girls that are ready for bed...happy, healthy, perfection.  

(And I am like...yep, that is MY Man.)

And folks, in my book, this is what awesomeness looks like.

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