Friday, March 15, 2013

It Arrived in A Gold Box

When I was too grown to be shaking the boxes under the Christmas tree my granddaddy shared a little secret with me that has stood the test of time.  As I readily shook them one-by-one that particular Christmas, I realized that all of the gifts were quite small.  Perhaps I showed some sadness or bewilderment (I am a gift guesser), so he leaned into me and said, "The smallest packages are usually the best ones."  If you knew my grandparents this was their time of year.  They were givers and Christmas fit them perfectly.  Each year our small eyes stood spread beyond wide open in wonder as we would see the mound, yes mound, of gifts that was created when all of our family got together.  But, the most special part was what the grandparents always chose.  For years every man was given the same gift and the same gesture for the women.  Standing where I am today I appreciate even more the time, effort, and thought my grandmother put into these gifts.  And yes, on that Christmas I learned what he meant, those tiny packages were Mont Blanc pens for every man in the family.  It was a right of passage, in many ways, to be given the adult gift.  I will never forget when I married and got moved into the adult category!  By then she was giving couples gifts, and in her home you didn't get this until you were married.  Marriage = Couple.

So, when the UPS man pulled up to our home last week and came bearing a very small package, my girls turned instantly back to what they were doing with little interest in the newly arrived package.  Seeing my excitement from the label on the outside they wanted to know why I was so excited.  I told them what it was and was met with an, "Oh, but it is such a small box."  So, we stopped all other lessons and they learned ---

Life Lesson 411: The best things in life often come in small packages. 

They know nothing so they went about their merry, coloring ways while I donned a pair of broken handled scissors to unearth a most cherished item.  Upon lifting the first layer of box I saw it.  It was gold.  I pulled it with two hands from it's safe haven and stared at it.  My first gold box.  The box that held within it something that captures the one thing that means almost more then anything to me in life...memories.

I have owned this fancy camera for two years with every desire to own this lens.  Three kids does not make this a very easy reality with my conscience.  So, here it is.  In a small gold box.  Ready to capture memories.  Here I am.  Clothed in create memories.

Many years later now I can say with assurance that my granddaddy was right, it's the small things in life that can be the most important, meaningful, and life-changing, like the arrival of my small box.  It's not about the monetary value of this item, but what it is going to give to my family.  Although my girls don't appreciate the meaning and power of this small gold box today, one day they will.  And one day they will thank me and know what I know now...The best things in life often come in small packages.

Now go make some memories.  Just don't forget to capture them.

---The Mama

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