Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If Olivia Was An Ant

We are learning about insects this week!  What better way to learn about the life of an insect then to experience it for yourself?  So, I gave my camera to Olivia (fingers and toes were crossed) to document her morning as the insect of her choosing.  She wanted to be an ant. I thought you would enjoy seeing just what she "got" with the camera and what we did with her "shots."  Here are just a few.

Allye was very intrigued.

This made me spend today cleaning my floors.

Every ant has to find the food source.

Ants don't like blue toenails.

The ant caught Mama doing laundry.

Big foot on the way to stomp the ant or break the camera.

Once we got into school mode I had printed off a few of her shots I thought would work for our journal time for the day.  I am trying to experiment with different ways to teach her about writing and conveying her thoughts logically.  So, here is what we did.  I taped one picture on each of three consecutive pages in her journal.  Then we worked together to create a story using the photos.  It looked like this.

She loved it.  The "light" started going off and that is always amazing to see.  The bonus of this type of activity was because of how we broke it down by page I could then show her what the beginning, middle, and end of story telling and writing looks like.  It was visual.  She might be hooked.  Maybe too much.  I might have set the bar a little too high.  Pray she doesn't want to be a flying insect.  Ladders and babies don't mix. 

Happy Hump Day!
--The Homeschooling Mama

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