Friday, March 8, 2013

Christmas in March

Since I seem to just be catching my breath from the whirlwind of a handmade Christmas, I sat down and gathered up the photos that I took to show you.  It was such a fulfilling experience to give these gifts, even if it was something I bought that was handmade.  I must confess that I still have two remaining, very time consuming, gifts in my possession.  They belong to my two sets of parents.  I have just had to beg forgiveness and offer many promises of something on  the way.  Let's just say it was a well laid plan that when terribly awry when we decided to move six months early.  Details.  

It started with my first quilt.  My mom has been so sweet to sew the bedding for my first two girls, but this time was different.  I really wanted to make everything I could for Allye.  While I completed the crib skirt and curtains in Texas, I simply could not get this done.  I was so very proud of myself for stepping out of my sewing comfort zone.  I believed I could do this when I found Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter.  She did a step-by-step tutorial that made it as easy as pie.  Confession:  It is March and I still have not let her use it.

Then there was our very special Hanukkah gift for Nate's grandmother.  We made and used these as we learned about Hanukkah as part of our school lessons, and then we shipped them to her to enjoy for the years to come.  This was such a wonderful learning experience for our entire family.

Both girls had Secret Santa gifts to give at their dance studio.  This is what I made for Addison's little friend.  I also made matching ones for our new friends down the street.  Every girl needs an apron, right?

Here was another first.  I have made little skirts for our American Girls but never matching outfits.  I made this set for my one of my step-sister's daughters.  She is very into fashion and has the cutest personality you have ever seen.  She only wear dresses and can readily give an opinion.  I was very nervous to pass her test.

She has a little sister.  I made her a dress too.  I was getting ahead here.  Great to wear anytime, but especially at Valentine's.

The ornaments.   Oh my.  After really getting into these I momentarily wondered what I had gotten myself into.  But, with all of the loving comments we received after all of the kids got them in the mail, it was worth the effort!  We saved a few for our tree too!  What a special memory of this time and place.

I have made many of these clipboards over the last few years and they are always a hit.  This one was made for Addison's preschool teacher and Addison loves seeing it on the desk outside of their classroom each morning. 

I have many friends and family that have little boys.  Making things for them is not always easy.  Especially as they get older.  But, when I picked up the Make It Yourself magazine before the holidays and saw these in it, I knew I had to make them.  So I bought the magazine and had most of the supplies needed already in my stash.  The only problem?  We all got sick for two weeks straight before the holidays.  Thankfully this is one of my very best friends so I fessed up, "Hey, I swear I have gifts for the boys, but I am making them and they are not done and they won't be done in time and I promise you it is worth the wait."  And wait she did, until the second week of January.  I think it was worth it.  She did too!

Isn't it the cutest thing ever?  I have no boys but my Addison played for hours on the finished one while I was making the second one.  She will have one of these very soon.  Load it up and I am pretty sure they could be occupied for quite some time!

Last but not least, I made the bedding for the bunk beds we had made from an Etsy seller.  These beds are  sized for our American Girls and I couldn't resist making the bedding to coordinate with Addison's room.  I just wish I had order the mattresses or made some.  Maybe I'll just add that to the list.

So there you have it.  A handmade Christmas Mama style.  I will definitely do this again and hope you have found some inspiration to give the gift of your time to those you love.  That, my friends, is priceless. 

---The Very Tired Mama

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