Thursday, January 19, 2012


I was bathing my beauties tonight when Addison so sweetly leaned over and gave Olivia "sugars" (A.K.A. a kiss).  

Olivia quickly rejects this lovin' and Addison's feelings are hurt.  Now, usually I would say, "Addison just leave her alone."  This would be me trying to avoid World War III in the tub, filled with water, that has a metal cutting device that dispenses liquid, that is surrounded by slippery cold tile.  Maybe I was really trying to avoid screaming, whining, murder worthy squeals, and my personal favorite, "Don't touch me!"  So, I decided some reverse psychology was in order for my brilliant 6 year old.  

I said to Addison, "Oh give her more Addison!  She needs some sweetness injected in her, she is a sour puss."  

Everything goes still.  Olivia looks at me and says, "What is a sour puss?"  I give her me best kindergarten explanation, which she excepts.  And then I get Addison to proceed with more "sugars".  After one or two more Olivia declares, with a huge smile, "Ok, ok, I am happy!"  That would be 1 for Mom and 0 for Olivia!  WOOHOO!

Olivia is laughing, Addison is laughing.  This is good.  Then Addison must have thought it was safe to give more "sugars" now so she proceeds to do so on Olivia's back.  I just keep singing, "Make her sweet, make her sweet."  At first, this was ok.  Then Olivia had enough and she said, "Stop Addison.  I don't want anymore!"  To which Addison so happily replied,  "Yes you do because you are still a platypus!"

Thought I would die.
Right there. 
I didn't correct her. 
I couldn't. 
Consider this your warning.
If you act like a sour puss, Addison will think you are a platypus.
She just might even tell you so.

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