Wednesday, November 9, 2011

October Festivities - Part 2

So, even though I had an itty bitty newborn at home I was determined to make some Halloween outfits/gear for the girls.  This was crazy, of course, but I was going to do this.  And MAN?  I am sure he thought I was crazy but he smiled and patiently took care of things while I sewed, and sewed, and sewed.  So here is what we came up with.  See that "we",  I am giving him lots of credit...joking aside, this wouldn't have gotten done without you babe!

#1 - Beauty of the pillowcase dress....last year's dress, this year's swing top!

#2 - Had to have the Dora top---"sew" we made some cool pants!

#3 - Mommy already had the Hello Kitty top, "sew" we put the pants to good use...and this was the skirt Olivia ordered...

#4 - Of course Allye had to have something too...she is not trained in picture taking yet...

I have to share some of Addison's festivities at her school....she was determined to wear the mermaid outfit to everything and then Meme showed up with Ariel hair and there was no convincing her otherwise. 
Before the Senior Zone visit to sing Halloween/Fall songs!
Waiting on the Costume Parade and Fall in the Park event to begin.
Aren't they cute?  And check out the genuine smile from the teacher leading them.  We LOVE her!
No event would be complete without her Best Friend Trynt!

and then there was HALLOWEEN!

Well, for months Olivia has talked about what she wanted to "be" for Halloween.  We finally settled on Rapunzel.  Meme even found the hair for this one too.  But then Olivia changed her mind.  And what did Meme say when I had to break this news to her?  " I love it.  A girl has a right to change her mind!"  Of course, a momma would have said, "No way, I already bought everything, even the hair."  So, what did she want to be?  Hermione.  Hermione?  Really?  Well, I have to say, she did make a cute one...and looked pretty close to the real deal.  Most importantly, she was happy.  I am committed to letting them "be" what they want to be for this spooktacular day...

This blow-up is in our neighbor's yard.  They are the "cool" parents on the block.
and then we were off to Adventure Night at our church....
where we came across Harry Potter!  He was like "really?" and Olivia is about to bust with excitement!  
Ok, I could dedicate an entire blog to taking this photo but this one portrays each of them so perfectly!  Our cowboys turned into a knight and a dragon for the night!  Isn't that the cutest idea ever?
Yes, yes he did.  He says Olivia "guilted" him into it.  But, um, she had nothing to do with this...
and then there is Allye.  While she slept through most of these events we did get her in her costume for some quick pictures.  But, I thought you might like this little test first.  I am nostalgic...and crazy...since I have three girls all born within 30 days of each other (you know what I mean)...they have all worn the same costume.  See if you can pick them out...






Addison, Olivia, Allye....

Our Sweet Butterfly Allye and her First Halloween!


  1. Yeah me, I got them right! I guess it helps that I have spent the last 9 months focusing on little details that make kids stand apart! Too adorable for words! Love your/their creativity.

  2. I absolutely love this! They are all adorable little butterflies!


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