Monday, November 21, 2011

A Doughnut Kind of Day

Some days you just need a doughnut, or a snickers, or a large bowl of ice cream, or a chocolate cake, well, you get the point.  Well, for Addison and me (Allye was standing guard in the swing), it was one of those days and since I bought the stuff to make homemade doughnuts before Allye was born, and no ingredients for any of the other above mentioned, we decided it would be a pj and doughnut kind of day.

It went something like this.  "Hey Addison, want to make some doughnuts?"  "Yes, yes, can I help?"  And we were off!  

1. We dug through the very disorganized recipe book and found the recipe for Apple Cider Doughnuts.

2. We got the cider ready to boil down. 

3. While the cider boiled on the stove we made the sugar coating...and a mess!

4.  While we waited and waited for the cider to cook, Addison helped...
make more mess... I mean mix the dry ingredients.  Then I put her down and told her we had to wait for the cider to cool and she should find something to do while I clean up the mess.  I am busily cleaning up and getting ready for the next step when I turn and see this...
I needed this laugh.  This is why God gave me girls.

5. After a BIG laugh we mixed the dough and cut out the doughnuts.

6. We fried 'em up, threw 'em in our sugary mix, and shook 'em.

7.  Then came the best part...we ate 'em!

And they were good!

There's nothing like a little quality time and a GOOD laugh!


  1. Hilarious!!!! I laughed out loud for quite I can only imagine how much you laughed when you saw that in person!!! Miss you and Love you bunches!


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