Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Having many months to think and prepare for this journey I was able to formulate a very specific vision for what I wanted this time to look like.  I came to the conclusion that this year would not be about me or my husband, but solely about these children.  It is my number one goal each and every day to make this journey as easy and enjoyable for them as possible.  Every thought and decision I make revolves around them and what is best for them.  Part of this decision meant that I would lay down the hobbies I so enjoy as to not be distracted from their needs and wants.  For me, that means giving up big sewing projects, blogging well into the night, etc.  This has paid off for all of us.  I can easily say yes to what they want to do without feeling like I am not getting to do what I want to do.  Because this year, ALL I want to do is spend time with them.  This is big for me.  I have often lamented that I wasn't getting to sew like I wanted to (or fill in the blank) and my astute husband would always so kindly remind me, "They are only little once, you will have plenty of time to sew later."  Sometimes he is so smart right.  ;) 


Those words up above were for all of the folks wondering how I was going to do THIS.  Now, the next part, this is for my one and only (but you are welcome to stick around).  Honey, I love you.  I have strapped the camera back on so you would have a peek into what is going on while you are away.  I hope you can find comfort in seeing all of these moments that we are able to enjoy because of the sacrifice you are making for our family and this country.  We know you aren't the only one, but you're our one.  We love you! 

Our last family picture.

New photographer in town.

I rarely take it off.  Allye loves it and screams, "You got this Mama!" every time I wear it.

Our last date night....hosted by Addison and Allye.

It must have been serious.

I love you too.

Skype.  Oh what would we do without you?

This is the new version of this game.

I can't slow it down.  Sorry.

She has no idea I took this picture, which is why it is my favorite.

Olivia insisted on the numbers.  I insisted on the chocolate chip cookie cake.
I want to remember this forever.  Love her.

A sad day for Mama.  No more crib.

I walked in on this and promptly ran to get my camera.  

Our day in Seaside, FL

I love each of their expressions here.

Yes.  More than one picture was taken to get this one.  But look.  Ahhhh.

Just so you can be sure nothing has changed while I am trying to take a picture with a beautiful background.


What heaven looks like to was soooo good.

Awesome lady brought them in for the picture when she saw us taking one.  Showed them all around and made their day!

We couldn't leave without a little sand on our toes.

The three best things that have ever been given to us.

See you later alligator....
 We're doing better every day!  I love you!

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