Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tubing. Tobogganing. Sledding.

When our family was in the mountains at Thanksgiving we were so fortunate to be in Boone one afternoon when a snowstorm came in.  It was wonderful, miraculous, and beautiful.  Since we already knew about our outdoor theme for 2014, and seeing the excitement in the girls about the snow, we knew what our first outdoor adventure had to be.  With a return trip to North Carolina already planned for Christmas, our idea was set in motion.  We were taking our girls sledding.  Or tubing.  Or tobogganing.  Depends on who you I have learned.

  We initially had one location selected but then chose Sugar Mountain Resort once we realized that the snowstorm we needed was not going to "hit" in time.  This is a larger resort with great snow making capabilities and we can't just come back next week folks.  We had a blast and the girls had so much fun.  I was quite upset to have all of our plans made and then find out Allye could not participate.  Thankfully we had Popi and Meme and they were all the entertainment she needed.

Never having had an experience like this, I was so impressed with how organized, efficient, and kind all of the employees were.  We enjoyed two hours of solid riding and it was a great way to start off our Year in the Great Outdoors!

---The Mama

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  1. Love your outdoor theme for the year! Looking forward to following your adventures! Happy New Year.



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