Friday, January 3, 2014

December. Reviewed in Pictures.

We are stowed away in the mountains of North Carolina eating the remnants of Christmas sweets, playing board games, making new memories and enjoying old ones of this special place.  Most of all, we are sharing laughter and time together.  What a wonderful way to begin this new year.  

As we have shared about all of our December fun with my family this past week, I thought I would create a little December in review with pictures.  A picture's worth a thousand words.  Right?  December is truly becoming a special time for our family.  I love as the holiday approaches, the older girls start asking about our traditions and if we will be doing those this year and when and how.  They bring the magic to this holiday season.  This one was no exception.

My step-brother and his wife added the ninth grandchild to our family on November 30.  Another boy!

Eli arrived and was very unhappy that we were not home and he had to hang out in the garage.

Christmas parade night.

We live in the South folks.

On our way to see The Christmas Carol.

Baking some of our favorites.  This photo sent me to my sewing machine.  We now have proper baking aprons.

First day of winter.

Annual baking day.  Allye ate more then she baked.

Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning. 

The only electronic toy we "let in" this year.  They have to share.  This will be interesting.

Christmas at Meme's.

New Years Eve.
 ---The Mama

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