Monday, September 23, 2013

A 5th Birthday.

We have some very impatient grandparents on our hands when it comes to seeing pictures of sweet Addison's birthday.  Then, of course, what kind of mother would I be to start celebrating the next birthday before showing you the first birthday?  They are just keeping me in line and without regret.  I know God is teaching me, growing me, and empowering me through each of these birthdays.  After all, there are three to plan, execute, and carry out in less then 30 days.  Perhaps he just needs a good laugh this time of year?  He does get a front row to all of this craziness...thank goodness he is only one of two for that show.  Man is not laughing, FYI...he is in survival mode.  So, without further ado here is Addison's 5th birthday.


Princess Addison requested a mermaid themed party this year.  I did, in fact, start planning this out on Pinterest quite some time ago.  Great intentions to be well planned out and started ahead of time but then life happened big time over the summer and then school started and I way over committed and that would be a story for another day so I just went without sleep to get it done.  Is there any other way?

Her actual birthday fell on a Thursday.  We started the day with her favorite...homemade banana bread muffins.

She had to wear something mermaid so we picked the fabric out together and I made this skirt for her.

Her best friend Lexi comes to do school with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We had brownies with icing on them to start our day...a candle too...for everyone.

She requested this for her birthday meal. 

Thank you to our family and friends who go the extra mile to get the gifts here for our girls.  They love seeing them displayed!

Let me start with this.  I started out throwing some "bashes" for Olivia without considering the effects of those ideas times 3 one day.  I am desperately trying to scale back and get to a point of a family dinner and some type of family trip but they are not "biting" on this quite yet.  So, we are slowly getting there.  

She insisted on some spa time to start the party.  

I completed the balloon wreath last year and added the numbers this year.  I LOVE it!

Sign by Man.  Painting by Mommy.  So excited this is going to be in her room now!
Our little party table with drinks and desserts.
Mermaid drink with seashells we have collected from our beach trips.

Mermaid cupcakes.
Birthday table.  Paper lanterns turned into jellyfish and blue streamers for water.  Some ruffled fabric to give the water effect on the table.
Every mermaid princess needs a seashell crown, right?
6 little blessings!  Treyson is one lucky little man and we are so lucky to have all of these sweet kids as a part of our lives.

Here are the pictures we snapped right before the party.

My Sweet Addison,

    When I wanted kids I so selfishly thought of everything I would have to offer and give and how wonderful our kids' lives would be because of us.  The very special thing about you is that God has shown me, through you, how wrong I was.  While I hope we do offer and give you everything we can it is you who shows me daily how to truly live life.  While your turtle's pace can aggravate me at times, in our hectic schedule, it reminds me what is most important.  When I am "too busy" to play a game or dress-up your persistence makes me proud.  You will need that skill forever.  And then, when we play, I am always thankful for your persistence because it gave me a moment with you I will always remember.  You teach me to live.  You teach me to enjoy life.  You show me how to love...unconditionally.  You have so many traits I can only hope for.  My dream for you is to always have those qualities and to never let anyone take those from you.  You exude joy, happiness, love, and compassion daily.  You definitely have a feisty side that always takes me by surprise.  While you love everyone you have a special love for me and our relationship and that warms my heart.  I never expected to have a child like you, with your personality, but I thank God everyday for giving me you so that I could be a better me.  I will love and cherish you forever and may you always remember to live your life, for you, and above all it your way!
                                                                                                                  I love you,

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