Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who Am I?

In an effort to give Olivia a break from "real" journal time one day, I came up with this idea with a little help from Pinterest.  Actually, I came across the idea, then decided it would be a good substitute for lined paper.  She thought I was a genius.  Then she wanted "something like that" every day.  Um.  No.

It was a really simple concept and I thought seeing their answers would be fun.  And it was.  I had Olivia write hers completely but made Addison's fill-in-the-blank.  This took a lot of patience!  Whew.   

Yes!  Those are brown paper lunch bags.  I learned this great tip at a scrapbook class one time.  I loved it and have used it for several different projects.  The girls thought this was cool!

The inside cover was a self-portrait.  It is always interesting to see how kids see themselves.  Olivia's is at the top.  Note that she has high heels on.  

Each statement contained in the activity asked the girls questions about their likes and dislikes.  Each question/answer focused on one of the five senses.  I call this Hidden Learning.  

Finally, I dumped every sticker in the house on the floor and told them to find stickers that related to their answers.  What kid doesn't love stickers?  Then I had them organize them by holiday, season, etc.  I know, I gave myself a pat on the back for that idea too.  They never realized they were cleaning up...or organizing.  Sometimes I feel so smart...or at least smarter then a 7 and 4 year old, but I will take it.  ;)

A great activity that is a keeper.  I think I will have the girls do one each year and watch how they change over time.  Gather up your supplies and get ready for summer!  This could keep them busy for at least an hour!  Ha!

Here is the link for the sensory statements I used.  It was her idea first...I tried to give it some pizazz with my brown bags!

Do you have any summer activities/crafts planned already?  It's just around the corner.

---The Homeschool Mama

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