Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Restaurant Chair

When you almost double the size of your home you might say that more seating is of the essence.  I didn't really appreciate this until we moved in to our new home in Florida and could barely seat our own family at the dinner table, let alone guests.  I also needed seating at a new art center we made (more on that later) and for Olivia's room, at the desk I bought in Texas right before we moved so Man could wonder why we were doing such a thing when we had to move ourselves.

I knew how I wanted to do this.  I thought it would be easy.  It has not been easy.  I was simply going to go to Goodwill and purchase an eclectic group of chairs and have Man paint them and finish them to my liking.  Have I mentioned he is good with a can of spray paint?  I will rent loan him out to you when he is done here.

So, considering I had my family stopping at every place that resembled a thrift store for weeks on end, you can imagine my excitement when I found not one but 2!!! chairs in the same week.  Of course he looks them over and and thinks man type thoughts but I saw b.e.a.u.t.y through and through.  Then I was so excited that I brought Mama Miranda over (A.K.A the best neighbor ever) to show her.  She takes one look at it and says, "Hey that is a restaurant chair."  Hmmm.  She was right (I love an honest woman!).  Now I had to worry about putting a restaurant chair at my daughter's desk and if people thought I had lost my mind when they saw it.  This called for a major makeover!  After I spent six 2 sleepless nights worried about the colors and fabric and sturdiness (thanks Man) I  I took myself to Lowes with my three crazy kids and bought the supplies.  I parked my supplies on Man's workbench with instructions to which he might have wanted to tell me to do it myself.  Lots of taping and waiting was required.  ;)  I have to say, it was worth the effort and wait.

So, without further ado....

The Before.

The After.

 I love this.  It might be my favorite spot in the house...

And I always love these types of photos.... 

You can use it to study or read or eat....any way you use it, it was a steal that can't be beat!  

Don't you love a rhyme?  I am full of myself over this.  Can't you tell?

--The Mama

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